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• Write your ID number on the underside of your wristband - this way, in an emergency, our team will be able to find out who you are.

• Always carry water on you. Drink water regularly, especially if drinking alcohol. Best gauge of hydration? If your piss is clear, you’re in the clear. To avoid a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), piss often – girls especially!

• Bring sunscreen and a hat, and use them both.

• Bring dust goggles and a bandana – dust storms are only fun if you’re prepared.

• Personal lighting: light your body when going out at night. Make sure that you can see and that others can see you. Bring a torch/ headlamp (or two) and lights for your camp.

• If you bring a bike, put a light on it (and wrap lights or EL wire on the frame)

• There are snakes, spiders and scorpions in Tankwa - check your shoes before pulling them on, and check your bedding and tent before packing up.

• All camps should have at least one all-purpose (Dry Chemical Powder) serviced fire extinguisher and a comprehensive first aid kit. Nominate a Safety Officer to manage the safety aspects of your camp, and make sure all campmates are informed of where the first aid kit and fire extinguishers are placed.

• NEVER, ever – ever – leave an unattended fire, or smouldering coals, at your camp. The desert wind can whip up in seconds and start a runaway wildfire that could destroy your camp and vehicles. Not good.


What is Sanctuary? It’s a calm place of safety where anyone having challenging experiences in the dust (and at our events elsewhere) are able to be helped.

Participants can often become overwhelmed by the extreme desert conditions: wind, dust, soop (sound out of place), temperatures, intense partying and the stress of camping.

Radical self-reliance when things get hectic can look like leaning on camp mates, neighbours and friends, asking for help, and figuring out ways to prevent common challenges before they happen. Sanctuary, created by both the org and the community as a gift of support to Tankwa Town, is one of the places to come and ask for help.

Sanctuary offers a safe and supportive space at Off Centre Camp between Medics and Ranger HQ, to regain balance through peer support and practical help with wellbeing like rest, refreshments and care. Sanctuary also works with the organisers to put prevention strategies in place to reduce future community problems.


If you or your loved ones think you may have an alcohol or substance use problem there are a range of supports and solutions available.

If you’ve had a difficult experience in the past, please pop by to chat to us at Sanctuary - we can help you make sense of it, and can help prevent it in the future.

Sober burning

If you are a sober burner, we have sober support networks that are amazing and are just waiting to meet you! If you’d like to join the Sober Living camp,


Health alerts

When in doubt you can ask advice directly from Sanctuary or Rangers - we keep our ears very low to the ground, so that any important health issues can be identified early.

We also help people identify personal potential risks and how to avoid them.