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Image: Jonx Pillemer

2023 Die Hek (Gate) Opening & Closing Times

Monday 24 April 2023: 09h00 – 01h00

Tuesday 25 April 2023: 09h00 – 01h00

Wednesday 26 April 2023: 09h00 – 01h00

Thursday 27 April 2023: 09h00 – 01h00

Friday 28 April 2023: 09h00 – 19h00

Saturday 29 April 2023: GATE CLOSED/EXIT ONLY (re-entry only if you have already been issued a wristband)

Sunday 30 April 2023: GATE CLOSED/EXIT ONLY (re-entry only if you have already been issued a wristband)

What documentation will you need to access the event?

Die Hek Force (Gate & Ticketing crew) will check your photo ID against your ticket details in the system. ID/Passport or Drivers’ Licenses will be accepted, so please ensure that your ID/Passport number is correct on the ticket of every person who’s travelling with you.

When purchasing your tickets, please ensure you have the correct emergency contact details for someone off and onsite at AfrikaBurn as the Box Office crew links your uniquely numbered wristband to your details in the system. This is to assist the team in case of an emergency.

The vehicle you are travelling in will need a vehicle pass too, these passes will be available to purchase online (or at the gate) right up until the event gates close at 7pm on Friday.

For the Best Gate Experience™ – come prepared! Print your ticket out, or make sure your smart device has enough battery! Gate can be pretty unforgiving especially when there’s hundreds of other, better prepared, more organised and less frustrated folk clamouring to get in. Again, make sure the details on your ID/Passport match the details on your ticket. If they don’t, please check the edit details & transfer ticket information in the Ticketing FAQ’s.

Early Arrival: If you are arriving before gates officially open then you need to be in possession of a Work Access Pass (WAP) which you will have received from your creative project lead or the Volunteer Portfolio. Kids and minors do not require a WAP (but will require a parent or guardian to accompany them). *

* WAPs include a Vehicle Pass however WAPs will not be accepted as a Vehicle Pass after Sunday 24th April. Crew passes include a WAP and a Vehicle Pass.

Please ensure that your ticket/s are either printed out or downloaded on your phone. Any form of WIFI or mobile data disappears the moment you hit the dust road. Don’t rely on it. Please also make sure that if all your ticket-related admin is on your phone or tablet, that this device does not run out of battery before you arrive at the gate.