2024 Event Map

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Your Tankwa Town map for 2024 is right here!

A copy will be available at the gate and at the main notice board at Off-Centre Camp (OCC).

Please note: The AfrikaBurn event site has rather large areas that are quite sandy and we’ve marked them as best we can on the event map. These areas are great for building sandcastles and having a beach picnic, but not great for your camps. It may look super tempting but you’ll get your vehicles stuck and there’s not enough hard ground to fix your camp to. Please don’t camp in these sandy areas. There is so much space at Quaggafontein - build your kraals where you can hold onto the ground.

Off-Centre Camp map 2024

Please also visit Off-Centre Camp (OCC) to find these important services:




Ice/Die Yskas

Lost and Found

Volunteer Booth

Radio Free Tankwa


Looking for the 2024 Sound Map? You can find information about Sound Here.