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Mobile art? Damn right! At AfrikaBurn a piece of mobile art is called a Mutant Vehicle and they can include motorised …anything, really. Cars. Bikes. Couches. Bars. Jellyfish. Bees. Mice. Bunnies. Zebra. Pacman. You get the picture.

But to drive your mutant vehicle, it has to be significantly modified – and licensed by our Department of Mutant Vehicles (the DMV). If your car looks like a car, and doesn’t invite participation, it won’t be allowed to drive around.

Mutant Vehicle


The same applies to e-Bikes: any electrically-powered vehicle (scooters, trikes, tuk-tuks etc) with over 400 Watts of power must be mutated, and registered. The rule of thumb is: If you can't lift it with one hand, it needs to be registered!

To find out more about e-Bikes, please see our policy here.

If you are thinking about bringing a Mutant Vehicle to AfrikaBurn please read the guidelines:

Download the DMV Safety Guidelines (PDF Document)

Download the DMV MOOP Guidelines (PDF Document)

Download the DMV Flame Effects Guidelines (PDF Document)

Download the Flame Effects Emergency Plan (PDF Document)


  • Your vehicle’s brakes and lights have to work, and it must be lit up at night – and in order to drive at night, you’ll need to have your Mutant licensed for night driving by the DMV.
  • Consider safety when designing your art car – whether people are going to be getting on and off it and whether it will be able to carry the capacity that you have in mind.
  • If your Mutant is going to have flame effects, make them go vertically – horizontal flame effects are dangerous and antisocial.
  • Never go faster than 10km/h when driving at AfrikaBurn. We repeat: 10KMH IS THE SPEED LIMIT.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists have right of way.
  • We know (from experience) that it is usually old semi-working cars that get transformed into art cars, so please remember: AfrikaBurn takes place at a remote location that’s reached by a very long and bumpy dirt road.
  • So when thinking about getting your MV out there make sure that you either tow it, truck it or are driving in convoy with a very healthy car with a tow rope and spares.


You must register your MV well before you leave for Tankwa Town. Please don’t arrive at AfrikaBurn with an unregistered MV, as it will be grounded (which would be kak).

To register your Mutant:

– first log into The Information Machine

– create a Collective

– then use the Registration options to register your Mutant to your Collective


Upon arrival, all MV’s must be brought to the DMV Testing Station at 6ish and Binnekring.

The DMV crew will check that your MV has been acceptably modified, and will then license you to cruise around in your creation.

No license, no cruising – this applies to day or night driving (both of which require a license).

Want to contact the DMV? Shoot them a mail at

AfrikaBurn DMV Facebook Group

AfrikaBurn Website