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How do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets on Quicket (and ONLY on Quicket.) All ticket info will be available on tickets.afrikaburn.org.

Once tickets are sold out, resales will be available on Quicket ONLY.

How to sell a ticket. How to buy a ticket. Here is Quicket. Any ticket queries need to be sent to Quicket Support or email tickets@afrikaburn.com .

Please note: When you click the option to list the ticket for resale and you slect the ticket you want to resell, an error pops up that you need to insert your banking details. You may bypass this option and continue to scroll down and click on the option to list tickets and it will list the ticket successfully. The funds will then be refunded back to the same card you used when you made the booking.

What's an E-Toll?

The E-Toll (Environment Toll) is designed to encourage ride-sharing and reduce the number of cars on our event site and the R355 (the tyre-eating and treacherous road to AfrikaBurn). In previous years, it was called a ‘Vehicle Pass’ until scammers started uploading them as tickets to everyone’s least favourite ticketing site, Viagogo. These tickets can be purchased at the gate (cash or card).

One E-Toll is required per motorised vehicle entering the event as follows: CARS & TRUCKS: R299; RV/CAMPER VAN/PEOPLE CARRIER: R499

Mutant Vehicles (on trailers), caravans (that are being towed) and trailers do not need to pay E-Tolls – but motorcycles & motorhomes do.

What is a Work Access Pass (WAP)?

A Work Access Pass (WAP), is a (free) pass which allows you access to the event site before the gates officially open on the first day of the event. Without this pass, you will not be allowed onto the event site early. Work Access Passes are allocated to the crew leads of registered creative projects. The onus is on the crew lead to both request WAPS and allocate WAPS to crew arriving early to set up the creative project.

You will need to present both your AfrikaBurn ticket and a WAP to gain access early.

How do I join an AfrikaBurn Theme Camp?

Some of you coming from overseas will find this helpful as you will be flying in with just your luggage, and Burning solo can be tricky (and expensive!) if you don't have peeps to pool resources with. Or you might even be a local, but none of your mates are joining this year … Either way, you would rather join a theme camp than just free camp. You wanna be part of the action on the Binnekring and contribute to the tremendous communal pageant that is AfrikaBurn. So, where to start?

As these camps are just for people like yourself, they get organised at their own pace, sometimes months before the burn, sometimes two days before. There is no single, convenient platform on which these camps are listed.

Generally, camps advertise that they are looking for members on the different Facebook platforms below, where you can reach out and contact them. Alternatively, you can look in our online archives (WTF? guide) to see what theme camps were at the previous burn and see if you can find them online (hint: try all the social platforms) to get hold of them and offer your services and undivided devotion.

Lastly, you can also use the resources below to advertise yourself as looking for a camp to join. It feels a bit like Tinder, but you might strike it lucky!

AfrikaBurn Theme Camps page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1230848117010749/

AfrikaBurn International group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/afrikaburninternational/

AfrikaBurn Community group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2348764031

Do you rent bicycles?

No, but the Pedals For Peace crew does a fabulous job of allowing you to get a bike and then donate it after the event:


Are there other ways to get to the event?

If you're unable to drive or hire a car, you can also share a ride. Visit the Tankwa Ride & Share Group on Facebook to look for ride options.

There is also an unofficial and private bus service called Take a Bus To Afrikaburn.

What about kids?

Kids (14 years and younger) & minors (15 – 17 years old) entering the event:

Anyone under the age of 18 entering the event needs to be accompanied by an adult 28 years or older.  Parents/legal guardians or elected guardians 28 years and older are only allowed to accompany a maximum of 4 kids/minors to the event. This is to ensure that there’s enough adult supervision of kids/minors onsite.

The Box Office Crew will request who the guardian is of all under age kids/minors entering the event. Once this person has been identified, we’ll link the guardian/parents’ wrist band to the kid/minors’ wrist band that they will be supervising onsite.

If you know what your Tankwa Town address is, please come prepared with that information so that we can record those details against your name/wristband on the database.

Kids Tickets are free and available at the gate. Minor Tickets are not but can be purchased online.

Don't forget to Volunteer!

How do I edit the details on my ticket?

If you find that the details on your ticket do not match the details on your ID/Passport please ensure that you edit the details on your ticket before arriving in the desert.

Log into your account on Quicket.

Click on your account (top right).

Click on “My Tickets”.

Find your AfrikaBurn ticket/WAP.

Alongside “Options” – Click “Edit details”.

To deter scalpers, AfrikaBurn have only allowed one edit – however we are allowing a 2nd edit to ensure that your ticket admin is sorted before you arrive in the desert.  

Note: This option is not available to Subsidised Ticket, Pensioner Ticket or Anathi Ticket holders.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If your circumstances have changed and you have sold/gifted your ticket to someone else, please use the transfer ticket facility on Quicket. This will cancel your ticket barcode and remove the ticket from your basket and deliver the ticket to the new owner’s email address. The new ticket owner needs to download the ticket before arriving in the desert.

Log into your account on Quicket.

Click on your account (top right).

Click on “My Tickets”.

Find your AfrikaBurn ticket/WAP.

Alongside “Options” – Click “Transfer Tickets”.

Note: This option is not available to Subsidised Ticket, Pensioner Ticket or Anathi Ticket holders.

How do I get to Quaggafontein?

AfrikaBurn now takes place on a farm in the Tankwa Karoo called Quaggafontein. TOP TIP: Do not use your GPS!

For directions from Cape Town - CLICK HERE

For directions from Gauteng - CLICK HERE

For directions from Bloem - CLICK HERE

For directions from Durban - CLICK HERE

What time does the Gate open/close during the event?

Check out GATE TIMES.

What documentation will you need to access the event?

  • A valid barcoded AfrikaBurn ticket. The name on your ticket needs to match the name in your ID/Passport, and the face in your passport needs to match the face peering through the Box Office window at us.
  • An E-Toll for the vehicle you are travelling in.  (E-Tolls are available to purchase online or at the gate for R299/R499. Cash and card facilities are available)
  • Your ID book/Driver's License/Passport. A clear copy will also be accepted.
  • Early Arrival: If you are arriving before gates officially open on Monday 29th April 2024, then you need to be in possession of a Work Access Pass (WAP) which you will have received from your creative project lead or the Volunteer Portfolio. Kids and minors do not require a WAP. *

* WAPS include an E-Toll however WAPS will not be accepted as an E-Toll after Sunday 28th April 2024. Crew passes include a WAP and an E-Toll.

Please ensure that your ticket/s are either printed out or downloaded on your phone. Any form of WiFi or mobile internet disappears the moment you hit the dust road. Don’t rely on it. Please also make sure that if all your ticket-related admin is on your phone or tablet, that this device does not run out of battery before you arrive at the gate.

Please see the other FAQ on https://tickets.afrikaburn.org/