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Plug & Play Camps – which are in effect private hotels – are not permitted at our event.

To put it simply: essential set- up services are OK to outsource, but paid staff (including cleaners, chefs or other staff) is not. This also means that you’re expected to get involved, and not just be a spectator when your supplier arrives on site to deliver the services/ goods you have arranged.

The onus is on you to ensure that your supplier complies with the supplier procedure AfrikaBurn has put in place. To have a supplier provide a service to you onsite, you need to ensure that you have followed and adhered to the following procedure:

1 Register your supplier  HERE

2 AfrikaBurn will get in touch with your supplier to ensure that they get the correct information to ensure smooth entry into the event.

3 Take note of where the Supplier Depot is when you arrive on site. You will need to fetch your supplier from the depot and escort them to your campsite.

4 Practice radical self-reliance and arrange a date and time in which to meet your supplier onsite at the Supplier Depot.

5 Check that your supplier has the correct credentials to access the event (don’t assume they’ve sorted this themselves).

6 Arrange that at least 2 people from your camp are present to assist your supplier when they arrive at your campsite to deliver the service you have requested.

7 Ensure that at least 2 people remain onsite to assist your supplier to pack up the service they have provided you. REMEMBER:


Suppliers and service providers have a tendency to bring default world thinking into Tankwa Town, and that kind of “service mentality” has no place in or around our beloved Binnekring.