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AfrikaBurn Airspace


Can I fly to Afrikaburn 2023? JA NEE. Maybe Baby,

We are working very hard to make sure that that airstrip is built for the event but we are doing it properly with expert civil engineers and environmental people. It is an expensive endeavour so if there are any participants willing to contribute to the costs of the build (it can be a tax-deductible donation). Please let us know by sending an email to [].

So at this stage we have Plan A, B and C.

BTW NO DRONES are allowed at AfrikaBurn. Please leave them at home.

PLAN A: Airstrip is completed

General aviation and charter organisations (planes and helicopters) will be able to land at our virgin airstrip. Professional ATNS aerodrome advisory service will be available. Airspace volunteers will be around to greet you and escort you in the right direction.

-         Landing fees and passenger fees will apply and will be updated. These will be higher than previous years in order to offset the costs of building a proper airstrip.

-         The airport will be near the gate and passengers will enter through the same gate as those arriving by car. No ticket no entry. Gates close 19h00 on Friday. Passengers will need to arrange transport from the gate to the event site (approximately 1.3km). Ja it will feel like a trance party, trekking with your stuff from parking to event site.

-         Private pilots and charter organisations need to register at [[1]]

PLAN B: Airstrip is not completed

If the airstrip is not finished in time. General aviation and charter organisations will be able to fly to neighbouring airstrips located at Skoorsteenberg and Tankwa Tented Camp.

Here are the airport details:

- Skoorsteenberg Airport

Contact: Email [Stallborn] or Cell # 082 699 9749

  • You will need to arrange a lift from the airport to AfrikaBurn
  • It has a cross runway
  • ROAD CONDITION: its 30 km from airstrip to AfrikaBurn gate – took us 23 minutes in Golf Polo.


Centre point: 32⁰27’24.37S 19⁰54’46.

RW 36 32⁰37’42.16S/19⁰54’44.73E

RW 27 32⁰37’27.83S/19⁰55’5.98E

RW 6 32⁰37’21.71S/19⁰54’28.51E

RW 18 32⁰37’13.71S/19⁰54’45.91E

- Tankwa Tented Camp (the old venue airport).

Contact: Send an e-mail to [[2]] who can arrange transport to the venue:

  • It's approx. a 45-minute drive with 4 x 4 on shorter route (essential due to rain damage) or 1.25 hour with normal car on longer route via R355.
  • TTC is offering a shuttle service to AfrikaBurn for R750 one way)
  • ROUTE:
  • ROAD CONDITION: Need 4x4 for the shorter route through Tankwa National Park, or otherwise use R355 route to get to the event.

AIRSTRIP COORDINATES: 32°20.055'S 019°45.208'E

PLEASE NOTE: AT THE EVENT we will have a helipad for emergency evacuations only.

PLAN C: Helicopters

Airstrip is not finished in time and helicopters will be allowed to land at the event. The helipad will be near the gate and landing fees will apply. Pilots and charter organisations need to register at [[3]]


Charter companies still have to register with AfrikaBurn. We will provide more information as soon as they have registered. Charter companies can email .

For more information, please follow the Afrikaburn Airspace Facebook page.


-        We require the help of a number of participants to run the airport.

-        It is also possible to get involved year-round (remote or local) or volunteer to do shifts at the airport (

-        Airspace will have a camp with bonus facilities. You will need to do at least 4 shifts at the event and/or contribute plus 30 hours pre-event. There will be a contribution fee for costs of setting up camp (wood, water, tent and more) and you will have to help set up and breakdown camp. Then you will be in a team where you cook and clean and take care of the camp one day during the event.

-        For airport shifts at the event, sign up here:

If you want to start getting involved now, we are looking for people with the following skills. Please email

  • Information Wrangler - maintain websites, coordination with COs, Quicket, data collection, analysis and sharing
  • Volunteer and media support - recruit, motivate, schedule, brief and thank
  • Ticketing – Box Office coordination.
  • Technical support, test our equipment pre-event, fix if needed, infrastructure installation – internet, power, cameras at event.
  • Camp supervisor – arrange and coordinate camping etc and participants
  • Art/Graphic Designer – design logo and t-shirt for 2023, images etc for pimping camp, assist in preparing paperwork and documentation for website.
  • Industrial designer/builder – Need to design luggage cart and ‘box’ for airband radio/ builder to build luggage cart and box for airband radio.
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DRONES -No drones allowed at AfrikaBurn

Besides being an invasion of privacy, drones are also not allowed to be flown close to an active airstrip.

With this in mind, and because of Civil Aviation Authority regulations, RECREATIONAL DRONES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT AFRIKABURN.

There are Four reasons we don't allow drones:

1. It's illegal to fly a drone in proximity to people.

2. It's dangerous

3. It's an invasion of privacy - they would have to get CONSENT (permission) from EVERYONE on the Binnekring or anyone sitting on a Throne before filming.

4. We lie in a buffer zone for a national park and drones are prohibited due to the risk of poaching, as well as animal and visitors disturbance.

No Drone Zone


There will be no skydiving.

Please don’t jump out of any moving vehicle or plane into the event. There are too many hazards, fixed, moving and burning for your own well-being.

If people are wanting to arrange skydiving for future events, we need a South African registered operator to step forward that is able to get the necessary CAA permissions and permits to jump at an event. We will assist in creating suitable drop zones and securing them during activities.


- No flying below 3000 feet over the event site during the event.

The new venue borders the Tankwa Karoo National Park. Pilots wanting to fly over the event need to be aware of the following restrictions and plan a flight path accordingly.

Buffer zone.jpg

No flying under 2500ft in a national park or else risk a fine of R5 million rand or 5 years imprisonment.



Great, email us at

Airspace Information