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We've made AfrikaBurn hard again

The new supplier process has seen many private spaces opened up, more industrious participants, and as a result, there are more creative projects, happenings, mutant vehicles and theme camps than ever before …

The sand has moved (again)

Quaggafontein and Vaalfontein are very much a creative hodgepodge. They're the leftovers from the beginning of time.  There are sections of grassy dunes dotted around Tankwa Town, hard rocky bits, and lots and lots of sand. Tread lightly, treat the planet with respect, and please don't forget to leave no trace. If your vehicle gets stuck in the sand, please ask for help from your campmates and neighbours. We don't have tow trucks on site, so you're going to have to maak 'n plan.

We're not planning your Burn for you

We often get asked about publishing the WTF? booklet weeks before the event, and giving participants a weekly planner so they can maximise their pancake intake as well as catch all the headline performers. Because this goes against our principle of Immediacy, we are very careful not to do this …CREATION is a blank canvas for you to explore and create your own adventure. Don't worry about what you might be missing on the other side of the Binnekring; worry about being present and open to something unplanned in the NOW.

No one wants to be photographed before you ask them

In previous years at AfrikaBurn, you needed to get a pink 'No Photo' wristband if you wanted your desire not to have your photo taken in Tankwa Town to be made visible. We often ran out of these bracelets, so not everyone in Tankwa Town could have one.

We've made lots more, and these wristbands are still available at the gate (until they run out!), but we've found that these bracelets have not always stopped people from past events showing up unexpectedly in social media posts online when they're radically expressing themselves. This year, (which is technically exactly the same as EVERY year) the agreement upon entering Tankwa Town is that all participants at AfrikaBurn have not given their consent to be photographed, whether they are wearing a pink wristband or not. If you want a picture of someone, please ask and get permission first.

Tankwa Town is a little bigger this year.

We’ve grown by a few thousand people since we journeyed into SPACE. There are going to be more artworks, performances, Mutant Vehicles and Theme Camps than ever before.

This is only our third time burning on our new event site, and our third full event since the world ended and started again.

As we step into the beginning, we ask you to take your citizenship in Tankwa Town seriously. Take your Creative Licence out, and be brave, lose yourself in the dust, and find yourself in the smiles of other people. Make sure you’re here not to show people how cool you are, but to show THEM how cool THEY are.

Take a moment to reconnect with the 11 Principles that make this temporary autonomous zone so special. This is your best AfrikaBurn. Take good care of each other, take small sips and small steps, take your time and give others the time they may need to repressurise.

IV bars are banned. End of discussion.