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The privacy of our participants with regards to photography.

In previous years at AfrikaBurn, you needed to get a pink 'No Photo' wristband if you wanted your desire not to have your photo taken in Tankwa Town to be made visible. We've found that this has not stopped our participants from showing up unexpectedly in social media posts online when they're radically expressing themselves. This year, (which is the same as EVERY year) the agreement upon entering Tankwa Town is that all participants at AfrikaBurn have not given their consent to be photographed, whether they are wearing a pink wristband or not. It's important to note that Quaggafontein and AfrikaBurn are not public events and are not held on public land. Only the people that have given express permission for their photo to be taken can be photographed in 2023. More information can be found here.

DDT Tickets are no more

To make things easier for theme camps, mutants and artists to get tickets, we used to have Direct Distribution Tickets (DDTs) available through various channels. However, this made the final numbers on site much harder to manage and not all of this allocation was often used up. Therefore this year, if you need a ticket to get into AfrikaBurn (which is pretty much everyone), you'll need to please buy your ticket in the general sale which is happening in November. (Please see the Ticketing Townhall video on youtube for more info.)


The Participant Orientation & Education Program (Help On-Line)

All 2023 registered ticket holders get automatically added to the POEPHOL programme. This series of emails is designed to up-skill and educate participants on how they can be better prepared for AfrikaBurn 2023. Sharing information on specific areas of Quaggapedia, driving awareness of the core principles of AfrikaBurn. If you've got a ticket and are not getting these mails, please sign up here or click below.

NOT the Baardskeerder.

The link to the emails can be found here:


POEPHOL 2: Camping

POEPHOL 3: Volunteer!

POEPHOL 4: Toilets!

POEPHOL 5: Photos!

POEPHOL 6: Consent!

POEPHOL 7: Roads and Gate!

POEPHOL 8 : ICE, Collexodus and the Event map