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Gifting is one of the 10 Guiding Principles Burners strive to follow.

The act of gifting is exactly the opposite of walking into a shop, selecting what you want, hauling out your credit card and paying. If you don't like the service, the goods or the lack thereof, in the Default world, you are welcome to complain.

But at AfrikaBurn (which is a Temporary Autonomous Zone) you are not welcome to complain. One. Bit. **

You offer to give, completely for free, with no strings attached (no expectations) something of value to somebody else. It can be something big or something really small.

Your gift can be edible, drinkable, chewable, smokeable, strokable, rub-able or simply something to talk about.

There are some rules though. Having a bit of weed in a cookie, mushrooms stirred in, or alcohol in the fruit juice may appeal to many, BUT, and this is a capital BUT, do not assume that everyone wants these favourite additions unless they explicitly say YES. Be completely open and transparent as to what your gift contains so that the person receiving the gift can make an informed decision.

Also remember that as much as you are free to offer a gift, the recipient is free to either accept, or decline the gift. Always get CONSENT.

Do not be upset if someone does not want to accept your gift - you will find many people who would be happy to accept the gift you are offering.

One of the most rewarding feelings in life has to be that completely unexpected smile of somebody being happy about what they have received.

A Guide to Gifting, Givers and Gratitude

Tips & Tricks #6 “Gifting”

**Unless you're DPW and have been there for months and people mess up your home.