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How do I connect or hook up with an AfrikaBurn Theme Camp?

The best place is the AfrikaBurn community run Theme Camp group on Facebook:


Do you rent bicycles?

No, but the Pedals For Peace crew does a fabulous job of allowing you to get a bike and then donate it after the event:


What about kids?

Kids (14 years and younger) & minors (15 – 17 years old) entering the event:

Anyone under the age of 18 entering the event needs to be accompanied by an adult 28 years or older.  Parents/legal guardians or elected guardians 28 years and older are only allowed to accompany a maximum of 4 kids/minors to the event. This is to ensure that there’s enough adult supervision of kids/minors onsite.

The Box Office Crew will request who the guardian is of all under age kids/minors entering the event. Once this person has been identified, we’ll link the guardian/parents’ wrist band to the kid/minors’ wrist band that they will be supervising onsite.

If you know what your Tankwa Town address is, please come prepared with that information so that we can record those details against your name/wrist band on the database.

Kids Tickets are available to purchase at the gate (R499). Minor Tickets are not. Cash and card accepted.

How do I edit the details on my ticket?

If you find that the details on your ticket do not match the details on your ID/Passport please ensure that you edit the details on your ticket before arriving in the desert.

Log into your account on Quicket.

Click on your account (top right)

Click on “My Tickets”

Find your AfrikaBurn ticket/WAP.

Alongside “Options” – Click “Edit details”

To deter scalpers, AfrikaBurn have only allowed one edit – however we are allowing a 2nd edit to ensure that your ticket admin is sorted before you arrive in the desert.  

This option is not available to Subsidised Ticket, Pensioner Ticket or Anathi Ticket holders.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If your circumstances have changed and you have sold/gifted your ticket to someone else. Please use the transfer ticket facility on Quicket. This will cancel your ticket barcode and remove the ticket from your basket and deliver the ticket to the new owner’s email address. The new ticket owner needs to download the ticket before arriving in the desert.

Log into your account on Quicket.

Click on your account (top right)

Click on “My Tickets”

Find your AfrikaBurn ticket/WAP.

Alongside “Options” – Click “Transfer Tickets”

This option is not available to Subsidised Ticket, Pensioner Ticket or Anathi Ticket holders.

How do I get to Quaggafontein?

WE HAVE MOVED. AfrikaBurn now takes place on a farm in the Tankwa Karoo called Quaggafontein. For directions please click on the links below:

For directions from Cape Town - CLICK HERE

For directions from Gauteng - CLICK HERE

For directions from Bloem - CLICK HERE

For directions from Durban - CLICK HERE

Gate & Box Office opening & closing times:

Early Arrivals: (Work Access Pass (WAP) holders only)

Wednesday 20th April: 09h00 - 19h00

Thursday 21st April: 09h00 - 19h00

Friday 22nd April: 09h00 - 01h00

Saturday 23rd April: 09h00 - 01h00

Sunday 24th April: 09h00 - 19h00 - anyone who arrives after 19h00 will not be allowed in and will need to camp outside the gate at Ja-But-No-But camp regardless if you are in possession of a Work Access Pass or not.

Event Days:

Monday 25th April: 09h00 - 01h00

Tuesday 26th April: 09h00 - 01h00

Wednesday 27th April: 09h00 - 01h00

Thursday 28th April: 09h00 - 01h00

Friday 29th April: 09h00 - 19h00

Saturday 30th April: GATE CLOSED/EXIT ONLY (Entry only if you already have a wristband)

Sunday 1st May: GATE CLOSED/EXIT ONLY (Entry only if you already have a wristband)

What documentation will you need to access the event?

  • A valid barcoded AfrikaBurn ticket. The name on your ticket needs to match the name in your ID/Passport, and the face in your passport needs to match the face peering through the Box Office window at us.
  • A Vehicle Pass for the vehicle you are travelling in.  (Vehicle Passes are available to purchase at the gate for R300/R400. Cash and card facilities are available)
  • Early Arrival: If you are arriving before gates officially open on Monday 25th April, then you need to be in possession of a Work Access Pass (WAP) which you will have received from your creative project lead or the Volunteer Portfolio. Kids and minors do not require a WAP. *

* WAPS include a Vehicle Pass however WAPS will not be accepted as a Vehicle Pass after Sunday 24th April. Crew passes include a WAP and a Vehicle Pass.

Please ensure that your ticket/s are either printed out or downloaded on your phone. Any form of WiFi or mobile internet disappears the moment you hit the dust road. Don’t rely on it. Please also make sure that if all your ticket-related admin is on your phone or tablet, that this device does not run out of battery before you arrive at the gate.

COVID-19 - What are the entry requirements?

You are attending an event with over 2000 participants. Meaning, under the current national regulations, you will be required to present either a vaccination certificate OR a negative COVID-19 Test at the AfrikaBurn event gate starting from Wednesday 20 April.

  • Vaccine Certificate: A valid vaccine certificate showing you are fully vaccinated either in electronic form or your stamped paper certificate received when you were vaccinated.
  • Negative COVID-19 test: A valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test, recognised by the World Health Organisation, which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of arrival at the AfrikaBurn Gate. Please note all negative COVID-19 tests require a valid certificate. Home tests purchased from a pharmacy (usually lateral flow tests) will not be accepted at the gate because they do not come with a certificate. You have to  cover the cost of the test if you need one.

Proof of immunity or vaccine exemption is unfortunately not valid under government regulations, you will need to present a negative COVID-19 test in this instance.

Kids: Unvaccinated kids older than 5 years will also need to present either a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination certificate as above. Again, this is as per current South African government regulations.

Most importantly, if you are feeling sick in the lead up to your departure to AfrikaBurn please stay at home until you are better and can produce a negative COVID-19 test.

Gastro has also been doing the rounds in Cape Town recently. Please practice the same caution when departing for the AfrikaBurn event site. If you have any of the gastro symptoms (upset stomach and vomiting and/or nausea) please stay at home. Gastro is more destructive onsite at AfrikaBurn than COVID would be. Please be cautious.