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The Binnekring is the centre of Tankwa Town. Translated from Afrikaans it means 'inner circle' ... In Black Rock City they call it 'The Playa', as AfrikaBurn is in the Karoo and not the USA we prefer Binnekring.


A boskak comes from South African slang meaning to relieve oneself in nature. it literally means 'bush shit' and occasionally happens in the Binnekring which is horrific for someone to have to clean up. There are some lovely toilets at the event site, rather use those!


A Darkwad is a person who walks or cycles at night without any lights. This can be extremely dangerous as there are bicycles and mutant vehicles driving around that will not be able to see these people and possibly bump into them. Light yourself & your bicycle up at night by using LED's, head lamps, EL-Wire or LED Flowtoys.

Don't be kak, be lekker

Don't be kak, be lekker refers to a conscious way of being. Lekker comes from Afrikaans: referring to a person, object or event as amazing, fantastic or superb. Being a lekker person will make both your, and others' burn an even better event. Ways to be lekker: be kind, be conscious, leave no trace, be positive, be creative, love.

Ground Score

When one finds something exciting that doesn't belong in Lost and Found. A reward for those who collect MOOP.


Humanure is human excrement that is recycled via composting for agricultural or other purposes. The toilets in Tankwa Town are completely eco-friendly, what goes into the toilets returns to the Earth. The rule is if it did not naturally come out of your body, please do not put it there (that and singe-ply loo paper).


Time moves differently in Tankwa Town. "Ish" is used to refer to a broader sense of time than what you're maybe used to. It refers to African Time: a more relaxed attitude as opposed to the clock-bound pace of Western countries. "When will we start the braai?", "Oh soon-ish". "What time are they burning the artwork?", "Around eight-ish". In addition, there being no timetable or schedule for any event during the burn, times stipulated are purely estimates of when something could happen. Not to be confused with 'Eish' which is South African slang for surprise or annoyance or any other number of emotions.


MOOP or Matter Out Of Place is everything that doesn't belong in the Tankwa Karoo desert. Think litter, feathers, glitter etc. Read more about how to leave no trace at the event.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play refers to where you pay someone a (large) sum of money to set up all your comforts for you. Plug and Play camps are against the Guiding Principles of AfrikaBurn and are frowned upon - in a BIG way. The burn is all about contributing to this event together, practising Radical Self-reliance, with a Communal effort - so to pay someone to set up your environment/camp, goes against all the principles listed here - that's not lekker at all. Read more about how not to fall outside of the Plug and Play guidelines.

Right now, now-now, just now.

Time is a whole different concept in South Africa. "Right now", "now-now" and "just now" have very different meanings: "right now" is this very moment, "now-now" means shortly, "just now" means later to never. Only South African's fully understand the subtleties between all the different types of now ... no matter what the type of 'now' just don't expect it to be NOW.

San Clan

Similar to the Man of Burning Man, AfrikaBurn calls its main sculpture at the event the San Clan. The design of the AfrikaBurn signifier originates from a San cave painting from Tarkastad depicting one body, several heads and many dancing feet. It portrays the idea of unity, collaboration and community at the event, and like some other sculptures at the event, it is burnt. The burn usually takes place on Saturday night.


SOOP means Sound Out Of Place and goes for all sound pollution. AfrikaBurn has a sound policy in place which came out of a need for finding a balance between radical self-expression and community. The sound policy aims to try keep SOOP to a healthy limit.

Sparkle Pony

A Sparkle Pony is a high maintenance person who comes to the burn unprepared for the harsh environment it takes place in. Often scantily dressed with the bulk of the outfit being MOOPy accessories. They will have 30 outfits with them but barely any water. They use others to take care of their basic needs and so become a burden to their camp mates. A Sparkle Pony completely throws the radical self-reliance principle out of the window. And remember, we all love a good outfit/costume but there many other ways of contributing in meaningful ways that go beyond mere sex appeal.

The Tim

It's all his fault.


Someone who's done it all, seen it all, and gotten at least one t-shirt. Often seen rocking long silver dreadlocks, and cruising in vehicles just as janky as themselves.


If you don't know what this is, you're likely to be one. A first time ticket holder. Soneone who's bitten off more than they can chew.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors is the term used for some people who only rock up on the Thursday or Friday of the event to party hard during the weekend. Usually, they're just there to consume and don't contribute much to the overall event. Don't be a weekend warrior! If you can only come for the weekend, don't forget to Volunteer!

South African Slang

There are some other words that we use as South Africans that our international friends may not know. Read up on them here.