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[[File:AfrikaBurn22 MAP QUAG.jpg|alt=Map|thumb|535x535px|AfrikaBurn 2022 Map]]
=== Theme Camps ===
=== Theme Camps ===
'''This is how it works: everything you see in Tankwa Town – including all the Artworks, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles and associated items have been created by people just like you, who have worked their sweet asses off to create something special.'''  
'''This is how it works: everything you see in Tankwa Town – including all the Artworks, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles and associated items have been created by people just like you, who have worked their sweet asses off to create something special.'''  
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Your Mom would be proud to know that you took your vitamins each day! Swing by for freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice while you wait. You may help to peel an orange or two and it is made while you wait. It WILL include a pinch of authentic Tankwa dust. Meet us in the mornings from 10am(ish) on the Binnekring. We look forward to refreshing you with juice and only juice.  
Your Mom would be proud to know that you took your vitamins each day! Swing by for freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice while you wait. You may help to peel an orange or two and it is made while you wait. It WILL include a pinch of authentic Tankwa dust. Meet us in the mornings from 10am(ish) on the Binnekring. We look forward to refreshing you with juice and only juice.  
[[File:WTF 2022 online cover.jpg|thumb|[https://tickets.afrikaburn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/WTF-2022-online.pdf Click for PDF version]]]

=== Artworks ===
=== Artworks ===

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AfrikaBurn 2022 Map

Theme Camps

This is how it works: everything you see in Tankwa Town – including all the Artworks, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles and associated items have been created by people just like you, who have worked their sweet asses off to create something special.

Like everything at AfrikaBurn, Theme Camps are subject to change at all times … where camps have not given specific times of their activity, please feel free to pop past and ask politely when they’d like you to participate with them.

39. 404

We are 404, the lost clutter of imagination. 404 is a place of confusion. Where are we? What's going on? How did we get here? Why did we get here? It's in this blanket fort of opportunity that we embrace the error codes of life and dive into all the lost expression, confused intention and deliberate alliteration that makes life interesting.

18. ABnB

We are the super-hero ABnB hosts who are looking to create a world where anyone can belong. A safe haven for those looking to chill and connect. Equipped with bunk beds, a large lounge area (couches, cushions, carpets and soft beats), and cocktail bar for a sunset happy hour(ish). You may want to stay for an hour, a night or day; the choice is yours.

32. Ain’t Misbehaving

Hop-Boogie-Jive into a jazzy world of vintage flair at AfrikaBurn … Here, we Ain’t Misbehavin’ … we’re here for some good old-school fun. SWING. Think JAZZ, the old kind, born in New Orleans. 1920’s to 1950’s. And, DANCE. Learn how to Charleston, Slow Drag, Lindy Hop, Balboa. We’ll have a wooden dance floor, daily dance classes, jazz jams, solo jazz flash mobs, sunset socials and evening soirees. Join us!

29. Alegra Power Station

At Alegra Power Station you can charge any electric/electronic equipment ... phones, torches, even car batteries. We will try to charge anything you've got. We will be operating 24 hours a day and it is a self service station with secure, lockable space

for your device. Please bring along your charging cable that fits your device.

15. Birthday Suits

Hate pants? Feelin’ dirty? We have a safe and non-judgmental space for you to take your kit off and participate in the human car wash. If you have to get clean in Tankwa Town, then come get clean with us. Warm water and a personal touch, daily from 12pm to 2pm(ish). Rule 42: bring a towel!

47. Bob & The Beatles

Come by every afternoon for some refreshing Beatle Juice and chilled out tunes in the Beatles Lounge. Meet the Bob and The Beatles Crew, learn some Acro Yoga moves, hula hoop or join in a 5 rhythms dance. Or just take a nap on some comfy pillows if you prefer!

53. Bubble Trouble

At Bubble Trouble, thirsty Burners will find a location to replenish their bodily fluids and maybe even more! Bubble Trouble is the perfect location in Tankwa Town to mix naughty pleasures with wholesome fun.

37. Burning Mail

Each year Tankwa Town’s official Post Office – Burning Mail – is the place where Burners pick out special postcards, write ‘wish you were here’ to send around the world, stick on stamps, and pop them in the mailbox. We post all the cards on our return to the Default World. We also offer an inter-camp postal service, making our rounds across the Binnekring. We have a big red postal delivery van for these deliveries. You can also send a message to the universe, release those hidden thoughts or confessions, to be burned on Saturday evening.

17. Burniversity

Bringing the learning to the burning! The faculty of The Burniversity will hold lectures and workshops on topics like: Yoga (small, personal gatherings with THE BEST instructress), Mindfulness for beginners, Lessons on the nature of reality and consciousness (for beginners), and responsible drug use. Guest professors are extremely welcome, please come visit our camp to arrange times and topics. Workshops and lectures will be held on Tuesday to Friday usually in the period from 8am to 9am(ish) (yoga followed by mindfulness) all the way up to lunch. Please check the board outside for more info.

34. Buttery Beasts

Hiss hiss *ribbit* Welcome to Tankwa Town's only street market and convenience store! Returning in 2022 with a new reptilian sheen, the Buttery Beasts Bazaar has what you've left behind, forgotten or didn't know you need. Visit us on market day for hot food, cold drinks and all manner of wonderful wares, or ring a bell for service and we'll slither right out. Also look out for our pop-up champagne brunch!

46. Camp DelicioZA

Camp DelicioZA is a community of big hearts who love meeting people. Our gifts: Pancakes (Pancrepes) & ‘Morning Glory’ Sessions from 9am to 11am (or when the batter runs out), Workshops 12pm to 4:30pm, ‘Desert Glow’ Sunset Sessions 5pm to 7pm and ‘courtesy’ fires at night.

40. Camp Merrytwit

Welcome to Camp Merrytwit, your friendly chill-out spot in suburbia! Join us for our world-famous masala chai every morning. Come test your general ignorance at our fun pub quiz on Thursday afternoon. Daily(ish) morning(ish): Chai Masala. Thursday 28th at 3pm(ish): Pub quiz

61. Camp Sunset Oasis

An oasis in the desert where weary travelers can draw cool sweet water from our well to quench their thirst and wash away the dust by enjoying a shower with a view. Available Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 3pm. Visitors and those waiting for showers can relax and rejuvenate in a calm and soothing atmosphere on comfy couches in our cosy chill lounge.

49. Cannasafe

As the name implies, Cannasafe is a safe, positive space for adults to consume, share and experiment with cannabis. Open times: Wake&Bake to 5pm daily. The only fake grass you will find here is beneath your feet.

Die Bakkers

Bakers of artisan bread at AfrikaBurn since 2015. We will be baking our ciabatta style bread every morning for brunch(ish). Random baking will be done other times of the day. Sometimes the bread will be served at our camp in the burbs and sometimes we take the fresh bread out to the Binnekring for a “pop up” bread table to be served to the happy crowd. Since 2015 we have baked at least 250 loaves of bread at AfrikaBurn. That is around 3000 slices. Not a single complaint so far!  This year our sexy upgraded oven on wheels, built for 2020 will be doing duty at AfrikaBurn 2022.

24. Dreamers

The Dreamers sound camp will be an inclusive and experimental sound space inspired by Berlin's club scene with many different DJ's playing funky, 80's, tribal and melodic techno on our massive sound system. It's a magical place, and to enter our psychedelic world you'll have to pass through the mouth of a huge panther! We will also have projection mapping shows and lasers blasting into the sky. Don't miss the opening ceremony on Tuesday and our Panther Party on Thursday.

7. Dust Devil Saloon

Welcome to the most irresistible bar on the Binnekring! Where shots and kegs flow as easily as the conversation. Whenever the bar is open you are welcome! Come play with the Devil, with the roll of a dice you may be rewarded with a shooter! Stay for a chat and you may get even more than you bargained for.

54. Earthship

We are an Amsterdam based alien tribe. We landed our ship in Tankwa Town in an attempt to thrive by shaking off our civilised layers and surviving with mostly primitive means. Join us after sunset on Tuesday to connect with your primitive inner fire and on Thursday to reveal your true alien colours. Our Alien cuddle puddle is open every day.

52. Ekasi

Ekasi offers Black, Indigenous, People of Culture (BIPOC) a space to find refuge in their experiences while also providing an outlet for expression. As a way to honour our need for outlets, we will offer workshops for expression through collage work, improv, yoga/sound healing, sensual movement, body art, storytelling, and other multifaceted ideas to help bring people together and share. Mornings: 10am to 11:30am daily. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 12pm noon: Holding space for racist experiences (BIPOC ONLY). Tea time: 5pm to 6pm daily. Evenings: 6pm onwards daily

42. Fractal Chill

The finest Coffee & Chai on the Binnekring by far ... welcome to the home of the Famous Ethiopian coffee pot serving freshly roasted coffee beans every afternoon since 2013. We morphed from 1 lonely coffee pot to a funky Bedouin style art cafe, your oasis of comfort all arvee. We brew; Pineapple ginger rooibos, Moroccan mint, French Vanilla, Chai, Coffee. Our Café has 3 maisters, Coffee, Chai, Music and offer; A jam that continues all afternoon, facilitated by our team of troubadours and friendly musos.

20. G Spot

Everyone has it, not all have found it. Come for a boogie or a chat and maybe you’ll find yours. Opening times: random, but definitely when it counts.

1. Great Dane

Feel the sound waves in your body ... dance to the deep pulsing beats as your source of inspiration for music and love. The Great Dane will energise you and fuel your desire for the dance of your dreams.

26. Hydration Station

We are here to help keep you hydrated so that you can be ‘the best version of you’ all week long! Every night our Water Warriors deliver fresh drinking water to the main dance floors between 10pm and 2am. We also have water for guests visiting our camp, so keep your dusty cups handy ;) This is our gift to you, our beautiful Tankwa fam ... you're welcome!

13. Kaggens Village

The Mantis Collective is an association of Khoe and San activists, healers, educators, community development workers, artists from different places in South Africa. We are working towards the restoration of and to create a platform for the expression of indigenous knowledge by offering sessions on herbal medicine, energy healing and massage, tracking, craft, nature teachings and storytelling, tanning leather, sustainability practices, ceremony and rituals.

6. Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris is a sunset bar at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Tankwa Town. Pastis and bubbles from 4pm to 6pm(ish). ‘One should always be drunk. That's all that matters ... But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk’ Charles Baudelaire, French Poet.

30. Love Your Planet

Hey, Hi, Hello there you gorgeous human. What’s not to love about your Planet at Quaggafontein this year? Seeing that it's our 12th year at the Burn, the Love your Planet crew is ready to get some long awaited dust on our skins. We’ll be bringing our favourite Rhino, LOKI for our traditional Day of the Dead Street Party on Thursday 12pm noon. Pull in for some good tunes and you might find a few other crazy party animals among us!

8. MadHatters

Bringing the Boombox to Tankwa Town ... with a super sound rig and amazing lighting. 'The Church' will be set up in front of our camp where participants can receive absolution to their confessed sins, a spanking or maybe a delicious drink. We will be playing music in front of the camp each night till 10pm. We will be rambling around as the SkolliePatrollie with the SkorreFietsie on Tuesday, inviting you to the Mad Hatters Tea party on Wednesday from 5pm till 8pm. Join us and bring the Merry in your Prankster!

31. MBombo

On Tuesday and Thursday come by at 4:20pm to enjoy a down-beat techno session by one (or many!) of our beloved DJ's of the MBombo collective. We've got some juicy drinks and bubbly butts shaking for y'all!

27. MemberBerries

The MemberBerries is a small collection of dispersed berries that found each other in the immediacy of the default and experimental world. If it is relaxation or reflection, radical self-expression or radical inclusion, or even just a space to chill out ... come and find the MemberBerries. We will gift the creation of lasting memories (a photo-booth!) with a side of silly props, which you can find at our campsite or on our roaming mutant bicycle.

16. Metastofasis

Metastofasis will be bringing their radioactive glow in the dark pancakes again this year! In addition, we have the most amazing music (to listen as well as dance to if the mood takes you). We also have The Moo-tant, keep your eyes open! If you need your hands to be sprayed with sanitizer, pop past and we will debug your hands in an instant.

14. Pandora’s Fox

Stumble over to Pandora's Fox from 9am(ish) to delight your senses with a new daily surprise for your pancake preference. Wolf down some waffles and howl at the morning sun ... if you're lucky, you might be invited back for drinks later ... in the Lair!

73. Pedals For Peace

Need your bike repaired? Pop along to the Pedals for Peace camp and let us see if we can help! All of the bikes supplied through our camp will also be serviced as and when you get into trouble!

36. Power of the Sun

Fear not when your cell phone, camera or tablet battery runs out of juice. Bring your 220 volt charger and your device to the 'Power of the Sun'. We create electricity by the magic of solar panels and store it in a battery. No burned fossil fuels, no noise and no smelly fuel. And we love to talk about renewable energy (which will help save the planet).

28. Purple Pancake Palace

Just getting up or just going home? We have fresh cooked pancakes to soothe your soul and a relaxation area to rest your weary soles.

23. Purple Spanking Booth

Spanks Spanks Spanks ... come and get your Spanks! Back by popular demand we host our ‘Bad Advice Clinic’. This year we will have a grumpy debate with you about absolutely ANYTHING. The Spanking Booth transforms into a chill space at night from 7pm till about 11pm(ish)

9. Smokescreen

Tankwa Town's original cinema and alternative party venue. Just like Hollywood, but with a little extra dust! Join us most evenings for an eclectic selection of short films and a special Stonehenge tribute slideshow of spectacular moments and visual delights. Put on your dancing shoes for a tequila soaked Thursday hoedown at 11am and a night time Gravers' Paradise: retro remix house and party games. If this doesn't tickle your fancy you can always strike a pose on our psychedelic podiums.

22. Space Cowboys

Need a party on your intergalactic journey? We welcome all kinds of stars and universal freaks, chilling under misters during the day and partying hard at night. We can offer you a drink, some groovy inter-planetary tunes, and a gifting booth all with the best company this side of the solar system. Join our sunset party sessions Wednesday to Saturday, dress up for our Silver Space Party on Thursday and UV-Orgasma Body Painting Party on Friday. You don't want to miss the party to end all parties.

2. Stella Nova

Stella Nova is offering a studio space and professional photo shoots as our gift to the 2022 Burn. Come for a unique memento of your 2022 Burn or to memorialise the special outfit you took forever to put together! We have props, makeup and even a wardrobe of weird and wacky items of clothing we are gifting, should you need something interesting to wear out there in the dust. The studio will be up and running every day from 12pm noon to 2pm.

63. Sunriser Coffee Lounge

Those in the know say that witnessing an AfrikaBurn sunrise is the best time of day in Tankwa Town! Us folk at Sunrisers Coffee Lounge appreciate this magical celestial moment and we've recognised that coffee is an essential accompaniment to the dawning of the light. If you happen to be awake, come and join us for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and watch the largest star in the sky come up over the horizon. We're serving from sunrise to when we run out daily! The lounge will be open from Thursday to Sunday.

43. SUMO

Where Baywatch and sumo wrestling come together to make an awesome mix of tequila and lime, red swimsuits, fat suits and general mischief! Join us on the Binnekring for AfrikaBurn’s first sumo wrestling championships at 5pm on Thursday. Sign up between 3pm and 4pm to compete!

50. Swing(ish) Club

The best way to experience the Karoo desert ... yes, you've guessed it ... Swinging! No, not that type! The type of swinging where your child-like heart can feel like it's flying! We are a tranquil theme camp that overlooks the beautiful Karoo desert, with wooden swings too!

10. TLX Transit Lounge

A friendly waiting space for wayfaring strangers to rest and hide from the sun. Join us for afternoon drinks and a beautiful sunset soundscape. Stay for a while, or for the moment ... and leave whenever you’re ready to take flight.

35. The Greasemonkeys

Your bike tire is flat? Handlebars came off? Drove into an artwork/ditch? If you have something mechanical that's in need of a good spanner-ing then bring it to us and we'll try to fix it or show you how. We're a team of mechanical enthusiasts with a passion for metal and lube. Welcome to Tankwa Town's very own workshop ... The Infernal Grease Monkeys! Open daily.

19. The Heartspace

A space for life. A space for love. A space for living. This embodies the ethos behind The Heartspace theme camp. From sunrise to sunset you can join us for games, laughs and a chance to reconnect with each other.

48. The Other Camp

A bath refreshes the body, a cup of tea refreshes the mind. Come and join us for a cup of afternoon tea at the Other Camp to help you relax and unwind.

3. The Pancake People

The Pancake People are back and more cinnamony than ever this year! Pull in from 9:30am till 11:30am every morning for pancakes, silliness AND lots of love! This year we are doing a circus / The Greatest Showman theme! Be prepared for colours colours colours! Pull in throughout the day and evening for yoga classes, music, drumming, bonding and general festiveness!

5. The Steampunk Saloon

We have the worst whiskey and some of the best music. No doef doef here ... we love music with lyrics. Enjoy a whiskey with a spanking chaser at our burlesque shows on Thursday and Friday at 7pm, as well as Saturday at 6pm. Critical Tits happens on Saturday from 2pm and our topless parade starts at 4:30pm. Come and tune into your inner goddess with us.

51. The WombSong

WombSong is a sacred ceremonial celebratory space ...  a journeying wonderland, unfolding in our temple yurt. The perfect space for Burners to journey into the deeper mysteries, to connect in the deepest truth. AfrikaBurn is one of the most powerful amplified fields and we further amplify this field creating a powerful exploration space. A space for sound journeys, cuddle parties, plant medicine ceremonies, conscious dance, breathwork and other magical unfoldings.

56. Tiny Tarot Tent

Are you wondering about life, the universe and everything? Why not wander into The Tiny Tarot Tent for some perspective on your burning questions ... workshop your Enneagram personality type with your friends while waiting your turn. Open in the afternoons from 2pm(ish) to 4pm(ish).

38. Twisted Saloon

The Twisted Saloon is all about live music ... great live music in our 'Ol Zim Saloon' bedouin with a twist. Every day from 7pm to 11pm there will be a rip-roaring Twisted Saloon schedule of great live acts, all friends of ours from around the world. After the live music, at 11pm The Twisted Saloon becomes the best Indie Rock ‘n Roll jol this side of the Binnekring with our resident DJ's. In the afternoons, The Twisted Saloon hosts a minimised OpenMic stage that Burners can come and jam on in a more folksy low-key way. There's a piano/guitar/mics/cajon and rotating sound-engineer-on-duty to make sure you always sound great.

21. Vagabonds

Gathering from all corners of the world are the Vagabonds. What better way to celebrate life and recharge our batteries than to gorge ourselves with our fellow vagabonds and … just for a little while … just be, be human, sweat out your inner demons and dance off your rusty screws? Vagabonds is a spa for our fellow burners, a proper getaway, with a sauna and massages as our main communal gifts. Vagabonds is a safe haven where all are welcome, and clothes are completely optional. We encourage Burners to partake in anyway they see fit for their mood.

4. Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi, ‘the acceptance of transience ... beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.’ Come and immerse yourself with us, learn a few things and enjoy the never-ending vibe at our eclectic tavern. We'll have drinks, music and games every day and yoga/workshops/food and other activities 'whenever-ish' - come and go as you please! Music, drinks and games all week from noon-ish, a few sunset sessions, and whatever else inspires us - keep an eye on the blackboard! Please pop in if you'd like to gift your talent or skills at our tavern! :)

25. Why Not?

If you know where to look, there's always a party! Join us for … day parties from 1pm till sunset: Tuesday to Saturday. After hours from 4am till the end: Thursday to Sunday. Waking up with Why Not: Re-grounding Yoga: Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 12pm. Turkish Coffee + Delight: Tuesday to Saturday 5pm to 6pm. Midnight Soup: Tuesday to Saturday midnight. The Techno Massage Refreshment Corner & some special gifts that will reveal themselves at the right times & places.

Wild & Juicy

Your Mom would be proud to know that you took your vitamins each day! Swing by for freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice while you wait. You may help to peel an orange or two and it is made while you wait. It WILL include a pinch of authentic Tankwa dust. Meet us in the mornings from 10am(ish) on the Binnekring. We look forward to refreshing you with juice and only juice.


Please respect the artwork creations and their creators. Unless there’s an explicit invitation to interact with a piece, please refrain from scrawling ‘Dan loves Loz’ on it and leave it as you found it, thanks.

1. The Clan’22: Clancestors

Collective: Tree of Stories Crew

In 2007 a seed was planted deep in the Tankwa desert. Despite its harsh environment, and eventually being transplanted, AfrikaBurn survived and continues to grow. The 2022 Clan, ‘Clancestors’, pays tribute to the first Burn ‘Tribe’, the original spark that set our minds ablaze. Made from parts of the Tree of Stories broken off in the whirlwind of the past 3 years. To symbolise this, 3 groups of signifiers representing What Was, What Is and What Will Be, stand atop a tornado base.

35. Tree of Stories

Collective: Laurence, Kai, Ivan, Thomas, Kim, Mark & the Tree Crew

What Was. The Tree began life as the 2020 Clan (last Clan of Stonehenge). This mighty tree was envisioned to say goodbye to the place where the seed was planted, honour our tribes and thank the sacred land. Roots: connecting us to the history of 13 Burns. Trunk: hollowed out, filled with cave paintings, tributes to the artistic wonders. Branches: sending us out as leaves dancing in the winds of the future.

What Is. Unable to be built at Stonehenge, it was transplanted. Unsure of how big AfrikaBurn 2022 would be, it was transformed into the Tree of Stories and Clancestors. Now it stands at Quaggafontein, full of memories, rekindling our fires. Not to be burned immediately. Only once our community can fully gather again. A beacon of light to guide us back.

What Will Be. The Tree is incomplete and will continue to grow over the next few years. We invite the comunitree to participate and come up with posibilitrees for its future.

3. BLA Sound Station

Collective: The BLA BLA BLA car

The iconic BLA frame as a stationary art piece on the Binnekring, playing Radio Free Tankwa. It will be a shady spot where people can sit, relax, get out of the sun and enjoy the tunes. We will have pillows and shade for a relaxing time. Be good, be bold and be honest like your mama told you to.

6. Camera Obscura

Collective: Cinema Obscura

Come and explore the ancient scientific phenomenon which forms the basis of all photography. Enter the climate controlled interior and chill out while enjoying a live view of AfrikaBurn and its participants. While there, charge your devices at the solar powered charging station or help to decorate the Camera Obscura's exterior.

26. Connection

Collective: The Connection Collective

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear yours! A near death experience, a love story, your greatest adventure, something that altered the course of your life, how you overcame a major challenge etc. Connection is a place for people to gather and share their stories, CONNECT, even possibly fall in love with a stranger. At night, the radiating LED heart only works when 4 people are holding the cables simultaneously. At sunset, we have storytellers scintillating us with spoken words. Come and add your twist to the tales. We would love to meet you!

33. Doune Cocoon

Collective: The IKHTLALABL collective

It's not a shelter, it's a living artwork whose life is the energy of people passing through it. It is a symbol of our deep dependence on the immediate good care of our surroundings and environment. This entity envelopes you and makes you feel safe with its cocoon shape, while its ‘inverted column’ creates a glow of light for you, which at night is like a beacon seen from afar.

16. Dragon Mania

Collective: Dragon Mania

Throughout our history, we have told stories of magic and power; calling them myths and legends to appease our fear of the unknown, we all know that these ‘stories’ have roots far deeper than we could ever comprehend. Abrasax is one such legend, cast far into the realms of make believe, magic and mythology.  As old as time itself, believed to have been present during the Big Bang, if not the source of it, Abrasax has been here every step of the way in the universe's journey, darkly intimidating and shrouded in mystery.

25. Dream a Little Dream

Collective: The Dream a Little Dream 2022 Collective

We're bringing the stars down to the ground for 2022 in honour of a beautiful song, a wish of love and protection. Please join us Wednesday through Saturday, as the sky darkens under the most magnificent of starry Tankwa ballrooms.

9. Duckeract

Collective: Camp 404

Infinity is an unfathomable expanse within a contextually small space enriched with chaos. Logically, the only representation fitting, is a duck. The Duckeract is the representation of multidimensional chaos, in duck form.

10. dɪˈzʌɪə

Collective: Diaphanous Disco

What is your yearning, your craving, your hankering, your longing? What will make your soul take flight? What is your wish upon this sun and these stars, dear sister and brother? For now is the time … so much dɪˈzʌɪə on the Binnekring, and such timelessness to make it true … take a seat here on her bench and let a Street Light Named dɪˈzʌɪə anoint your dɪˈzʌɪə in the light. Let it take flight.

14. Ego Check Booth

Collective: Ego Check Booth

Are you tired of dragging your ego around? Is some part of your ego weighing you down? Perhaps what you need is an ego check. It’s like a coat check, but for your ego. Hours of operation vary.

36. Ephemeropoly (invisible version)

Collective: D Camp

Entertaining families, strengthening the gifting economy and tickling Burner's funny bones since 2019 ... participants love the roller-coaster ride to nowhere. Pass Triple Bypass, land on DPW, volunteer throughout, and you might just have the experience of your dreams ... or you might end up in Sanctuary! Whatever happens, it's fun all the way to the end (when you've had enough)! Everyone is welcome to join in with 121 metres squared of life size parody. This time it's got more levels, it's infinitely harder and it's 100% invisible.

7. foREst

Collective: The foREst Collective

An homage to reforestation, rest, and handworked arts. A place to sit, rest, and be surprised and delighted. From the collective who brought you the Octopus's Garden.

30. Gaia's Song

Collective: The Gaia's Song Collective

Gaia’s Song is a Temple to the sublime life impulse. It is a place of deep listening, inward to one's own unique song and outward to the song of life that calls us into existence, the voice of Gaia. It is a sounding board to deepen our appreciation of the consequences of becoming co-creators of reality. It is a place to create connections to life’s vital force and forge a love bond to care for all life and our earth home. A place to reflect on our present circumstance, while honouring what has passed and what is still to come.

8. Goddess Cast

Collective: The Steampunk Saloon

Focusing on body positivity and having a healthy relationship with ourselves ... mind, body and soul ... this art project encourages Burners to break ties with the parts of ourselves that hurt us and bring us down, and confront the parts of us we want to hide from and heal from.

21. iLukuluku Temple of Curiosity

Collective: iLukuluku

Rising from the blank canvas on the new horizons of the new land, iLukuluku will present all with an opportunity to unleash their inner child, and will reward curiosity with unique and spectacular surprises. Created to host performances and designed with ritual in mind, the iLukuluku Temple of Curiosity is designed to compel participants to investigate its many layers and chambers – some of which are dead ends, and others lead to secrets and surprises. Step up and explore, your curiosity will be rewarded in spades!

20. In the Land of Magical Creatures

Collective: Forest of Our Minds

These magical creatures' feet are obscure, naked and have legs stretching into the sky. This suggests a giant bird body hovers high above in the clouds. It is important to note that these feet also provide crucial hollows and caves to nestle and cuddle against whilst crouched under the feathers of the mother bird. It is, therefore, highly likely that if one finds oneself cosily leaning against the armoured wrinkled skin of the beast, that

one could assume that you too are a magical creature; a creature that has been hatched into this world to instigate and recognise wonder everywhere.

29. Loch Ness Cobra

Collective: The Loch Ness Cobra Collective

Something that looks as beautiful as a skeleton as it did alive, a cobra skeleton that disappears in and out of the ground ... like the Loch Ness monster.

40. Love Experiment

Collective: The Love Experiment Collective

Come participate in the Love Experiment - where any two strangers can fall in love.

19. Mmmamosetsanyana

Collective: Ke Mmmamosetsanyana Collective

The Batswana history, language and culture is often under-represented in the traditional art space. Batswana are very pivotal in the liberation of South Africa through the work done by various prominent figures such as Solomon Thekiso Plaatjie, Kgosi Morolong, James Moroka, etc. The Cradle of Mankind in Maropeng also proves that life began in the Batswana region in Northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, in the Gauteng Province as the oldest remains of humankind (Homo Naledi) were discovered there.

37. Oasis

Collective: The Oasis Collective

A brief stop on the journey to your dreams. It's like stepping back inside a room you

have fond memories of; one you have long not seen.

32. Par la Sol

Collective: Par la Sol Collective

You wander upon a mirage in the desert, are those palm trees? Oh no it's parasols providing much needed shade. Are you feeling in an introspective, individual or group mood? Pick whatever social setting you're craving and take a seat.

23. Protea 2022y

Collective: The Protea Collective

(re)building a sculpture that doubles as a viewing platform. It's a 2.5m tall protea flower made from wood that can support about 6 people on top of it for a view of the desert.

39. R.I.P. 2022

Collective: The R.I.P. 2022 Collective

R.I.P. (In memorable honour of Antoinette Murdoch 08/09/1972 ~ 10/07/2020) ‘And I’ll be waiting for you until we meet again.’

34. Red

Collective: The Red Collective

This piece started off as an attempt to answer the question: 'Why don't we make something fall up, instead of down, when it burns?' For the cancelled event of 2020 it became an experiment in choreographed moving fire. In the two years since, it has been decided that the piece will only be burnt in 2023 and that this year fire will not be a part of it.  Although relatively static for most of the event, there will be some of those little lights that we like so much and bouts of gravity induced movement, as well as changes in layout.

11. The Chamber of Reflection

Collective: ArtSluts

Come to contemplate life, privilege, art, ego, nature, 42, scroll on your phone, write a note to share with the world in the Chamber of Reflection.

The Dung Beetle (Roaming)

Collective: The Dung Beetle

The Dung Beetle is back and hungrier than ever for plastic-powered fun! Monday: Opening night dance party at the Beetle. Wednesday: 1.30pm Environmental / keynote talks, and Q&A on our famous fire-farting tech. Then open mic at 2:30pm. 5pm(ish) Sunset Razzle Set. Rockstomping late into the night. Friday: night party. Saturday: day party at the Dung Beetle ... music and shenanigans on the Binnekring from 11am to whenever we stop having fun! (No plastic collection in 2022 sadly).

36. The Emperor's New Artwork

Collective: D Camp

A beautiful artwork that's hard to spot. Made from the most expensive materials, by the greatest craftsmen in Tankwa Town. Only true Tankwa Town participants can see the quality and craft, it's the best artwork to look at in the sunset and you need to be this high to climb on board.

15. The Fallen Star

Collective: The Fallen Star

Imagine if an alien cyborg star fell from the sky. Spinning and it falls and hits the Earth. As it hits, it shatters into digital colour that illuminates through space.

18. The Other Thing

Collective: Red Collective

The other thing: Just couldn’t resist making something to burn. (Or making something pointy. Or making something round.)

4. The Man in the Hat

Collective: ArtCom

On the night our Temple burned four years ago (28th April, 2018) Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey passed away. Known for wearing a grey Stetson hat in honour of his father. In 1986 Larry and some friends had the impulse to create an effigy of a man and drag it down to Baker Beach in San Francisco to burn it. His impulse and readiness to react to the rich non-conformist, playful, pranksterish environment in which he did it led to the creation of Burning Man, regional burns and in turn AfrikaBurn.

17. The Rising Sun

Collective: The Rising Sun

As a star falls, the sun rises … ok, thanks, this is all I want to say.

13. The Spider from Mars

Collective: The Spider from Mars Collective

The Spider from Mars returns. So chill underneath or just watch while coloured lights pulse up and down the legs.

5. The Teleporter Dome SA

Collective: Tea & Crumpets

'The Teleporter’ is a reproduction system for Immersive Audio recordings and spatial audio performances, housed within a 4m diameter 5/8 3 frequency geodesic dome. The name is suggestive of spatial audio’s capacity to transport listeners into a virtual immersive space. The Teleporter aims to offer listeners the experience of being in a coherent sonic space, invoking as close as possible the soundscape at point of capture by the microphone.

2. The Vaginarium of Dreams

Collective: The Vaginarium of Dreams Collective

A giant yoni in the desert. But it is also a slide. We’ve built a giant, wooden vagina slide. Why? To celebrate femininity, sensuality, love, strength, power, beauty, resilience, courage, community and creation. Slide down and ponder all you love and appreciate about the women in your life. Under the stairs you’ll find a safe space where we will gather to share and receive ancient teachings and wisdom of the divine feminine through guided talks and sacred ceremonies. Come write stories or paint a picture as an ode to your unique flower. As always, come as you are.

38. Tiers of the Tankwa

Collective: Bergkamp Collective

A kinetic mobile, dancing to the winds of the Tankwa. Created from scrap metal collected on farmlands in the Tankwa and wider Karoo areas. Inspired by the events that led to the degradation of the Tankwa landscape that we experience today. How sustainable nomadic farming practices were succeeded by industrial scale extractive methods, to leave the veld denuded and severely damaged. Quaggafontein's history is very much a part of the Tankwa story. This artwork is an invitation to connect to that story.

12. Triple Bypass

Collective: Charlie Smith & Team

The very first artwork built for AfrikaBurn. Built by US artist Charlie Smith in 2007, the Triple Bypass warms your heart, and might fall on your head.

27. Twisted Da Vinci

Collective: Die Brandnetels

The colourful triangles are back, just the way they've always wanted to be arranged … in a triangle. See if you can find the focal point. Come chill in and around the Da Vinci self-supporting dome structures. Wait for the sun to set to see the tube of lights come alive.

28. Ubuhlanti Stage

Collective: The Ubuhlanti Collective

Ubuhlanti Stage is a diverse platform created by an international community inspired by Bridges For Music and the great work of uplifting young talents from disadvantaged communities. The Stage will be a Kraal/Ubuhlanti. This will be created using tree branches and poles in a circular shape. This will allow Burners to enjoy the offering of music in the space. Around the structure we will be building 4 informal structures which will be showcasing the different ways that shacks are used in different communities.

Viral taxi Ranks (Roaming)

Collective: The Viral taxi Ranks collective

These taxi ranks will act as pickup points for the Viral taxi mutant vehicles. A taxi rank will be burned each night from Thursday night ... appropriately named omicron, delta, covid and flu. You might not get to where you wanna go but it will be a hellofa ride.

31. Windcatcher II

Collective:  Windcatcher II

Windcatcher II is a wind-sound art project that first debuted at AfrikaBurn 2014. It is an Aeolian long-line, a cord strung across the wind that sings through a drum-skin and amplifier cone. Aeolian instruments have been in use for thousands of years. For 2022 we have reimagined the structure, learning from the experience of re-staging the work over the intervening years to create a minimal version with all the right pieces and no more. Come listen to the voice of the wind!


Remember this: everything in our city is subject to the mighty “–ish”. If the weather decides, then things will change, and so will anything scheduled. Mother Nature calls the shots out here. Listen to your Mother, she knows best (and watch her carefully, if you plan to make a date to catch any of the events listed here).  If the listing doesn’t show a time, head over to the location and check in with the crew responsible. Another good idea is to head over to OCC and check the chalkboards there and enquire at the Arteria booth.

Anvil Blowing

By: Rusty Anvil

Timing: When you least expect it

Location: Top Secret

Wort wakker … wort wakker!

Body Art With Love

By: The Body Art With Love Collective

Timing: Random

Location: Binnekring

‘Body Art With Love’ roams the dust by day gifting non-traditional henna body art. They may also be found in the evenings transformed as roaming jellyfish gifting tribal fluorescent body art to set your night alight.

Bubbles at Dawn

By: The Bubbles at Dawn Collective

Timing: Sunrise(ish)

Location: Surprise

We make giant bubbles on the Binnekring at dawn each day during the week. The bubbles are extremely weather dependent. Cool, moist, still and dust-free conditions make the best bubbles.

Critical Tits Workshop and Parade

By: Critical Tits at AfrikaBurn

Timing: Saturday 30th April, 2pm to 4pm

Location: Steampunk Saloon

Critical Tits topless parade will take place on Saturday 30th April at the Steampunk Saloon. Join us between 2pm and 4pm for a pastie making workshop where you will decorate your breasts and then join your sisters on a rambunctious topless parade around the Binnekring in celebration of body positivity and all our glorious shapes and forms. We'll end off with a champagne afterparty at the Vaginarium at sunset. Bring along your (empty) cups!

Dream of Tartar

By: The Dream of Tartar Collective

Timing: Sunsets 4pm to 8pm and Sunrises 4am to 8am(ish)

Location: Binnekring

An interactive baobab tree. Lights and disco balls dance from the branches to the music from the DJ booth inside the tree. Leave written notes or messages on the tree, creating a magical and inclusive experience for the people of AfrikaBurn. Floating in the middle of the mystical desert.

Pop-Up Art Studio (Roaming)

By: The Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society

Timing: Random

Location: Random

Miscreants, scallywags and dreamers step right up! Join our spontaneous Pop-Up Art Studio and live your best life as an artist. Portray your creepy, psychedelic dreams like Salvador Dali, enjoy Renaissance nudes like Michelangelo, or even cut off your ear like Van Gogh. Whatever you do, the Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society will be sure to applaud you! Once you have completed your masterpiece you can either keep, gift or burn your work. Be the art you wish to see in the world!

The Cutting Table

By: The Cutting Table Collective

Timing: 12pm noon to 4pm Monday to Friday

Location: D Camp (41)

Calling extreme crafters, masters/mistresses of perfection, wielders of intricate swivel/knife action and water-creature-loving collaborators.  The Cutting Table will create a mixed media sculpture over the course of the burn which will be added to a larger environmental art project. Swivel knives, cutting mats, images and plasters supplied!

The Purple Wedding

By: The Free United Church of the Karoo

Timing: Friday, 5pm

Location: Clan

Dearly Beloved, We are gathering in the desert in wholly matriphoney, to unite you, and whomever (whatever) soulmate(s) you've undoubtedly met by now, in wedded blissness-ness. Bring your purple frock, some ring, band, leash or whatever carries the rock. Come make those meaningless promises at the temple. Come one, come all, ye faithful!

Run the Tankwa

By: Tankwa Trail-blazers

Timing: Thursday, 8am

Location: Triple Bypass

Join us for a 5 or 10km(ish) run, walk, crawl, sand-swim, dance through the desert with fellow early risers. Meet at Triple Bypass at 8am on Thur 28 April. In the spirit of gifting, bring a goody bag, get a goody bag. Bring a cup, mug or champagne flute for your halfway bubbles or water. Two different 5km(ish) loops will make up the 10km(ish) run for those brave enough! Upcycled medals (collected and made with love) for all our lovely race finishers.

Swarm Theory v.3.0

By: Well Worn Theatre Company

Timing: Between 2pm and 6pm each day. Saturday morning for the experimental, participatory Swarm(ish).

Location: Binnekring

Well Worn Theatre Company brings you 'Swarm Theory', a playful theatrical investigation into the possibilities of collective human intelligence. Flocking through space, an agglomeration of physical performers engage with the environment as a single collaborative organism, exploring and inhabiting all the street corners, strange spaces and art works of AfrikaBurn. Described by onlookers as 'wild and full of love', full of 'rebellious warmth and exquisite presence' and 'intensely human', the Swarm curiously envelops all it encounters. Catch the Swarm in and amongst the Binnekring from Thursday to Saturday. Then join our experimental 100-strong Swarm on Saturday morning!

Tankwa High Court

By: Tankwa High Court

Timing: Anytime(ish)

Location: Binnekring

A not so serious High Court on the edge of the Binnekring. Fun loving tribal court cases will be solved with a heart shaped gavel and a mind and soul scale of justice. Bring your cases to our judges, connect and entertain the AfrikaBurn tribe together with love and laughter.


By: Teicníc

Timing: 8pm(ish)

Location: Binnekring (Please check the Performance Board at the Arteria for the exact location)

Composer Neil O’Connor and VR director Eoghan Kidney travel from Dublin, Ireland to present their current work as an evening audio-visual performance that involves electronic dance music and corresponding visuals, as well as daytime workshops & presentations on VR and multimedia art and music. Their audio-visual performance re-interprets seminal works of Irish art.

Sun Clan

By: Thomas, Mark, Ivan, Gifters & Tree Crew.

Timing: Wednesday 27th April, 9am

Location: Clan

The Sun Clan is bringing sustainable energy to the burn for a week at a time and to the rural communities for decades afterwards. Raising money for solar equipment, running large scale artworks on clean energy, and gifting the equipment post-burn. The Tree of Stories is the prototype – harvesting + storing solar energy to provide light after the sun has set. A beacon for sustainable futures and burns where we ‘Leave Good Trace’. Tree of Stories 9am Wednesday to hear more about the project.

Mutant vehicles

Please remember that moving vehicles are dangerous. We’ve had very serious accidents involving people stepping onto, or off, mutants in the past. Please DO NOT GET ONTO OR OFF OF A MOVING MUTANT. Yes, we’re shouting. We shout because we love you, and don’t want you flown out of here in a plane to hospital.


Collective: The Mighty Mighties

The Armadillo, there since 2009, looking a little tired, but one of the most mutated vehicles. It's a creative support vehicle for art crew, and is also known as the Armadildo. See it drive.


Collective: Badger Buggers

Badger is a post apocalyptic Mad Max inspired vehicle that will be cruising the Binnekring day and night, meeting Burners for photo opportunities, and destroying Aliens, Zombies and Trumps of the world with its Plasma Cannon at Night.


Collective: Bad Toy Town

Egon Tania's masterpiece comes to Tankwa Town. A creation that communicates what it felt like on the gravel roads of Afrika in the late 1920's. It's fun, it's regal, it's gorgeous!

Black Thunder Pony

Collective: Black Thunder Ponies MV's

A bat out of hell during the day. A magical color spectacle at night, lighting up a magical trail of fun, myth and adventure, and opening the 3rd eye.


Collective: The bob Collective

"A long rocket that goes nnnnn nnnnn nnnn nnnn nnnn nnnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn."

Buggy Woogy

Collective: The Buggy Woogy Collective

Buggy Woogy is a mutant vehicle travelling through the Binnekring to capture special moments for you.  If you see it, don't hesitate to stop it and ask for a moment to be captured. This memory will be sent to you in 5 years.

Cactus Cart

Collective: KUDU clan

The Cactus Kart is an absolute must

In dust and happy times we trust

No matter the day, no matter the hour.

Simply follow the cactus of power.

The playa provides, so chase the sun FUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUN

Calamity Jane

Collective: Wild Ass Saloon

Our Tankwa Canary can be spotted flying low across the Binnekring, and resting at watering holes.


Collective: Cannabus

A mobile reggae 'n dub venue, celebrating the return of the greatest gathering this side of the equator!

Da Ant

Collective: Ant riders of Ephemeropolis

Look out for the legendary Ant Riders of Quaggafontein. Rumoured to have mastered travel through the space time continuum, they now happily reside within it. As residents and protectors of Quaggafontein, don't expect to see them. They will arrive if and when needed.

Da Mule

Collective: Bad Toy Town

A hearty mongrel to scout the terrains of the vast Tankwa.

Desert Raven

Collective: Gentle Spirits

Increase your natural convective cooling by dancing to funk music. Luckily we packed the disco-ball ...

die woestyn wurm

Collective: die woestyn wurm

Mobile music mutant madness that will change your world while being in the desert.


Collective: G Spot

Follow or hitch a lift with the glowing Jefferson-styled G-ROVER. A Pied Piper (endearingly named in 2019 by an observer as ‘The Penis Car’) eventually returning to home base, the G-SPOT.

Ghostbuster 20.22

Collective: Ghostbusters 2022

"Da Da Da Da Da Da Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, who you Gonna Call … GHOSTBUSTERS”. Your local friendly rideshare around Tankwa. When you see us, holla and we will take you to our/your nearest stop.


Collective: Gid-ish

We have had such fantastic experiences for the past 7 burns. We always try to get involved in something creative and fun. By far our favourite has been to create mutant vehicles. It's always such fun to dream it up, then create it, and finally see the joy in people's faces and the fascination with what we have created.

Jou Ma Se STOEP!

Collective: The Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society

The Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society presents ... Jou Ma Se STOEP! Come for a kuier! Treat yourself to some uneggspected eggcelent eggsperiences. Have your teeth tended to by our in-house tandarts. Collapse into a puff of creamy cremora, alora. Count your pockets. Have a taste of the first chai. What's bakking in the kitchen? Get up close and personal with Goldie's Horns. We are breaking all of the very official world records.


Collective: DMV

Very deep sea fishing vessel for catching hippies in the Binnekring. Also assisted with the penguin incident in 2018.

land rocket working title

Collective: Los Ballas Trio

Korean Star Wars sex-mobile, with air-con and ambivalence.

Linda Lovelips (and the 4 little pigs)

Collective: Linda Lovelips (and the 4 little pigs)

Linda Lovelips is a single-person mutant vehicle which serves as a drive-able, outdoor, mass-bubble generation platform. This mobile artwork is able to dispense over 200bps (bubbles per second). Its goal is to be able to inundate an OPEN area in a (100% biodegradable, eco-friendly) bubble storm.


Collective: Loki

After a very long and overdue hibernation period, Loki is back in full force to celebrate the arrival of our new home. Loki promises to bring the unique combination of eclectic beats, spiritual healing and visual energy. Keep an eye out for the flaming horn and hot pink LED silhouette roaming the desert.

Lola the Dead Unicorn

Collective: Rust 'n Dust

"Hey Rust 'n Dust, what are you guys braaing later?” Unicorn! … Tastes like sunshine and rainbows.


Collective: Lollo

Lollo is a mutant vehicle made of a 10 seater cycle powered by an ex-quad to travel the Binnekring and transport revellers.

Los Ballas

Collective: Los Ballas Trio

Wheelbarrow of love and stuff. With extras. Bla bla bla bla bla.


Collective: LoveHurts

We will be gliding through the Binnekring in our LoveHurts spiked, pink, monster jeep.

Mercasus's Bow

Collective: The Mercasus's Bow collective

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a horse? Is that music? Is that a cold beer? Is that an excellent time? Yes, yes it is. Come play at Mercasus's Bow!

Minion Banana Express

Collective: Alegra

Minion Banana Express … release the Minions to get you to places. Bright, yellow, and as cheeky as a Minion’s ass. Will be riding the Binnekring to provide you with a ride as soft as the Queen's carriage. If you behave, you might get treated with a special Minion potion at a certain % of pure Minion spirit :) Need to say more?


Collective: Monobokkie

Half electric unicycle, half Springbok, half Burner. Wait, what?

Mutant Mushroom

Collective: Mutant Mushroom Collective

A pipe car transformed into a big red mutant mushroom towering over the car and passengers.


Collective: Bad Toy Town

In an era without oxen and rickety wheels, along came a new breed of wagon. Hen parties catered for.


Collective: PacMan

PacMan is a ‘remind you of your childhood’, fun to look at, loving, cookie giving Mutant.

Paint Bar Art Car

Collective: Paint Bar Art Car Collective

The purpose of the Paint Bar is to be a fun, interactive, inspiring, transformative , inclusive, and engaging, mobile, interactive experience for everyone.


Collective: Quaggasus

A Quagga that morphed into a Pegasus on the Binnekring. Pedal-powered roamer of Quaggafontein … black and white by day, multi-coloured by night. With enough passion, its wings might allow it to soar across the Binnekring.

Reset Taxis

Collective: Reset Taxis Collective

Reset taxi for a fun ride mobile subterrafuge, because we are being taken for a ride

Rolling Theatre

Collective: Rolling Theatre Collective

Nothing gets you moving like a good scare or a my-belly-hurts laugh. Come enjoy movies late into the night under the stars! Bring your own stick and come play something.


Collective: Baywatch

Just as fish grew feet, the sand shark grew wheels. Crewed by the sexy and hairy Baywatch lifeguards, the sand shark cruises the desert rescuing those in need with life-giving liquid refreshment.


Collective: Skorofietsie

Skorofietsie is a mobile gig rig that powers the sonic forces of DJ InviZAble. Think ‘pop-up’ dance-floor and momentary planetarium on the street. Inspired by Afrofuturism, this performance aims to create wonder by reimagining transport mechanisms through lights, music, and movement as a platform for spontaneous encounters with an unusual audience.

Sunny the Bumble Bee

Collective: ​​Sunny the Bumble Bee collective

Sunny the Tankwa Bumble Bee! Cute little thing. Black, yellow, and buzz around naked and free …


Collective: The BLA BLA BLA car

The BLA BLA BLA Car is a small mutant vehicle, playing Radio Free Tankwa wherever we travel.

The Boji

Collective: Eyes-on-Art

Come ride with us on The Boji. We'll take you on a fun ride as we tour the artworks

on the Binnekring.


Collective: BOOMBOX

Dazzling you with an incredible lighting display, and blowing your panties off with one kickass sound system, the BOOMBOX truck has some of the best tunes at AfrikaBurn! Press play and enjoy the music!

The Chill-Mosine

Collective: Fractal Chill Ethiopian Coffee House

Miss Chilly, the Chill-Mosine will return, and will be easily spotted on the Binnekring, with her flags in the wind. She is a Bantam on steroids. Her main job is to ferry our crew around the Binnekring, after a day of servicing in our tea and coffee house.

The Church

Collective: The Madhatters Boombox Church Resurrection Collective

The Church is back this year, with all the pomp and ceremony appropriate for an institution with such a history. We will be receiving confession every evening, and with it appropriate punishment and absolution.

The Couch

Collective: D Camp

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. It's a couch.

The Flying Carpet

Collective: The Flying Carpet

Come and join The Flying Carpet as we float across the Binnekring spreading love and joy, and revelling in exciting conversation with our fellow AfrikaBurners. Come and find us!

The Mootant

Collective: Metastofasis

The Mootant is not from Mad Max, it is not a car, it is not fast, it has no supercharger, and I am not Mel Gibson.

The overtaker

Collective: The overtaker

Hop on and off, fun people carrier for cruising the Binnekring. Ex-carnage hearse converted into ‘The Ferry to Take Souls to Hell’.

The Skull

Collective: DMV

Previously a noddy car and now mutated into a baboon skull. Very African, and very fierce. Skulls are a part of DMV. It will be used for DMV transport, and if there is space, we will carry weary Burners. We share common ancestors and baboons are cool.

Toasty Beast

Collective: The Toasty Beast

A giant toaster. Won't actually toast bread


Collective: Bad Toy Town

Toolbox has got big wheels and wears orange sunglasses. She exist to serve. Make sure your tool game is strong, otherwise she will rip your chassis apart.


Collective: Bad Toy Town

People mover, convoy lead, and emergency toilet transportation vehicle. Wet wipes and adult diapers can be supplied if required. Immodium, Valoid, surgical gloves and emergency butt plugs also available. (ID required).

Water Warrior Wagon

Collective: Hydration Station

Welcome the Water Warrior Wagon with

a wave and a whistle as we whisk water through the night to the waltzing wonderlands (AKA dance-floors)! Feeling weary? Wave us down for a lift back to your camp. We're all about helping to keep you well-watered and vibing-high all week!


Collective: Good Vibrators

An old vintage bicycle converted into a tricycle, powered by a geared-down two-stroke motor. Will have seating space for two. A cooler box for cold drink gifts. Plus standing space for two additional small people to hitch a ride.


Collective: The WeS Collective

Go WeS where the air is free, go WeS, go WeS

Wild & Juicy limo coach

Collective: Wild & Juicy limo coach

Our green-powered, mobile juicing platform brings you your daily freshly-squeezed juice to the Binnekring. No preservatives ... Only the good stuff.

Wind Rider

Collective: Wind Rider

COME FLY THE BINNEKRING! … Tired?!? Sore feet?!? Blisters on your backside?!? Come find us.