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Image: Jonx Pillemer

Those that have attended other mass events most probably all have a deep-seated fear of having to visit the amenities. At AfrikaBurn, the numbers of people are substantial, and keeping with the Leave No Trace principle, the event needs to leave a minimal impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly is the first rule, and secondly it should be as pleasant an experience for all attending. Chemical toilets have been completely done away with and a lot of design has gone into something more appropriate according to the two guiding fundamentals listed above.

Here is the low-down on the rather spectacular (I'm not exaggerating) result.

The first part of the experience of literally mounting the throne, is the amazing view. Try sunset or sunrise for an absolutely awesome time.

Second is an abundance of fresh air.... well, almost.

Third, it is possible to have an easy conversation with your neighbour.

Fourth, no need to go and knock on a plastic door to try and find out if it is vacant, or, even worse, opening the door on a desperately defending inhabitant.

Fifth, did I mention completely eco-friendly, no chemicals, only a natural process that returns to the earth what was part of the earth?

Lastly, that hidden psychological angle. You're doing it in public but not really so, so what could you possibly be ashamed of? The answer is - Nothing, of course.

On a more practical note. The do's and don'ts, to be strictly adhered to.

  • It is a complete eco-friendly, biological process. The rule is: if it did not naturally come out of your body, please do not put it in the potty (except for single-ply loo paper). The grim detail is that if you do put any foreign object in the loo, somebody else needs to fish it out again. There are containers next to the loo for condoms, wet wipes, pads and tampons.
  • Do not dump your rubbish, your empty beer bottles, tins or what-ever. "Oh, I simply forgot it there." No, you did not. You were tired of carrying it. Don't be a Doos! Take it back to camp.
  • Please leave the seat in a state that the next person can use.
  • Men! Sit down! Yes, it is a pain pulling your pants down and sitting, but just know that even if you think you can aim straight - the Tankwa wind will spoil that perception you have, faster than what the General Sales tickets sell out.
  • The Tankwa wind can be merciless. It can blow! Please replace the toilet roll in the container and close it properly. Failure to do this means that the world becomes strewn with shredded pieces of toilet paper. Close the catch on the doors. These break off if left to swing in the wind.

For the rest, and I'm being entirely honest, enjoy the rare experience. You are unlikely to find it elsewhere.

What if I have a camper van or porta-potty?

For camper vans and porta-potties, we have approved chemical/enzyme sewage treatment tablets available at the gate. Please don't use any other treatment type - as it will mess with our sewage treatment ecosystem.

Bring some chalk and you too, can pimp a loo!

A New Loo With A View

What's New With Our Loos

Pimp Your Loo