South African Slang

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Braai - A barbeque but also a social gathering around a fire. Don't expect to eat before 11pm.

Bru/Boet - Brother/friend. Similar to 'bro' but cooler.

Eish - a slang word used to indicate surprise, sudden disapproval, exasperation or regret.  For example, “Eish, I forgot my tent poles!”

Eina! - Meaning "Ouch!" Used when expressing immediate pain or sympathizing with someone else who is experiencing pain or got hurt in some way.

Gees - Afrikaans word for “spirit” but is often used to describe a great vibe in Afrikaans.

Hectic - Meaning crazy, used when expressing amazement.  For example, “That R355 is pretty hectic bru…”

Howzit - (9 out of 10 times the person is from Joburg) It means "Hello and how are you?"

Izit - An expression frequently used in conversation and shortened version of "Is it?" which is equivalent to “Really?”

Jol - Meaning to go partying, clubbing or to just have fun in general. For example, “We had a jol last night at AfrikaBurn."

Lekker - Nice, good, great and also means ‘tasty’ in Afrikaans.

Mal - Crazy or mad in Afrikaans. Example: "The people were going mal at that jol last night!"

Moerse - Means "really big" or numerous in Afrikaans.

Nca - (n!aah) Meaning everything is cool or things are good.  For example, “The food was nca, my friend.”

"Now" - The phrases "now", "now now", "just now" and "right now" all mean different things in terms of immediacy and differs from person to person. You may need a follow up question to determine the timeframe. Good luck with this one!

Shebeen - A tavern or bar in South Africa especially in the townships. For example, “Let’s go visit the Shebeen in the township this weekend.”

Yebo - Means "Yes" in Zulu.

- Words via the Afrikaburn Rangers and Khaya:-)