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Tankwa Town is a decommodified space, and all who come through the gate are encouraged to participate in both the work and the play. Our Supplier Process has been designed to facilitate projects and suppliers on site in a way that aligns as far as possible with the guiding principles of the Burn.

Suppliers are companies who have clients hiring items for the AfrikaBurn event which are to be delivered and/or set up onsite in the Tankwa Karoo at the event site.

Suppliers & Plug & Play

Plug & Play Camps – which are in effect private hotels – are not permitted at our event.

Outsourcing the effort by having paid staff to set up a camp completely, sidesteps fundamental aspects of a burn, diluting the ethos and point of the exercise…if you’re doing this, you’re denying yourself the full experience and stand a good chance of being prevented from setting up a camp of a similar nature in the future.

To put it simply: essential set- up services are OK to outsource, but paid staff (including cleaners, chefs or other staff) are not. This also means that you’re expected to get involved, and not just be a spectator when your supplier arrives on site to deliver the services/ goods you have arranged.

Please help support the culture of AfrikaBurn – don’t engage in “plug and play” scenarios. At AfrikaBurn, there’s no ‘someone else’ that builds Tankwa Town: every person is expected to build, clean and then break down their camp.

Participants providing Plug and Play camping may forfeit their right to return to Tankwa Town again.

Suppliers supporting or servicing plug and play camps will face hefty penalties, including the forfeit of their deposit and/or access to the event in the future.

Please note: No supplier is allowed to provide showers at the AfrikaBurn event. AfrikaBurn attendees are expected to build their own shower if this is something they’d like to have as part of their camp.

Supplier Registration Process

The onus is on you to ensure that your supplier complies with the supplier procedure AfrikaBurn has put in place.

To have a supplier provide a service to you onsite, you need to ensure that you have followed and adhered to the following procedure:

Register your supplier HERE. DEADLINE TO REGISTER: THURSDAY 31 MARCH 2022.

AfrikaBurn will get in touch with your supplier to ensure that they get the correct information to ensure smooth entry into the event.

Take note of where the Supplier Depot is when you arrive on site. You will need to fetch your supplier from the depot and escort them to your campsite.

Practice radical self-reliance and arrange a date and time in which to meet your supplier onsite at the Supplier Depot.

Check that your supplier has the correct credentials to access the event (don’t assume they’ve sorted this themselves).

Arrange that at least 2 people from your camp are present to assist your supplier when they arrive at your campsite to deliver the service you have requested.

Ensure that at least 2 people remain onsite to assist your supplier to pack up the service they have provided you.

REMEMBER: Suppliers and service providers have a tendency to bring default world thinking into Tankwa Town, and that kind of “service mentality” has no place in or around our beloved Binnekring.

More information on the Supplier Process