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2023 Sound Map

In 2018 we introduced two major changes to how & where loud sound can live alongside everything and everyone else in Tankwa Town: a mandatory sound switch off daily from Monday - Thursday of the event from 7 to 11am, and The Great Switcheroo, a relocation of all large sound rigs to the northwest side of our city – and these both worked really well.

Our Quiet Period is now part of the rhythm of our city, and includes generators staying off during the quiet. It’s a beautiful time, when acoustic music and nature sounds rule the space – enjoy it (there’s plenty time on the weekend for noise and amps).

Sound Rangers are stationed at Off-Centre Camp - if you need them, head over there and ask the Volunteer crew to call them in via radio. They will also visit dancefloors to check that sound is placed correctly - please work with our crew to ensure the best results for your neighbours, and yourself.

2023 Update:

We were tempted to make the whole map red because Tankwa Town can be pretty noisy, with all sorts of crashes, bangs and wallops happening day and night. This year, most of the sound camps are located on the Binnekring, making the Binnekring the ‘loud zone’, with things getting progressively quieter the further back one goes from the centre.

There are now two Quiet Camping Areas at AfrikaBurn: one behind the dunes on 3ish and 4ish roads and one behind the dunes on 9ish and 10ish roads. These areas are meant to be free of generators and any amplified music.

We don't like the word 'rules', and we can't guarantee total silence anywhere at AfrikaBurn, but in the quiet camping areas, at least your neighbours won't be blasting the chili poopers all week on a shitty Bluetooth speaker.

Quiet Camping Area: No generators or amplified music at any time.

General Camping: No generators or amplified music between 11 pm and 11 am

Binnekring and A roads: Sound shut off at 2 am, Monday to Thursday.

Louder Zone: Sound shut off at 7 am, Monday to Thursday.

Quiet Hours: No generators or amplified music, 7 am to 11 am, Monday to Thursday, anywhere in Tankwa Town.


Music’s an important part of Tankwa Town for many people, so if you’re bringing music, everyone’ll love you. But our site is relatively small (1.6km at the longest reach), so if you have a sound system, then you should register as a sound camp to be placed in the right area.


There are Sound Zones for sound systems – please don’t create friction by blasting neighbours.

Keep all this in mind when choosing your spot to camp.

Image by Jonx Pillemer

It’s simple - want relative quiet when in your personal camp? Don’t camp in the Loud Zone. Want to play loud music? You simply cannot settle in the Quiet Zone.

The greatest concentration of family camps where a good night’s sleep can be had are on the back line of the Binnekring or in the 'quiet camping' spots

If you have a dancefloor, but nobody’s dancing, please turn it down, or off. Tomorrow’s another day and the desert’s not kind on those who don’t sleep.

QUIET ZONE - These are spaces that are not located next to large sound systems and you are likely to get more shut eye.

LOUD ZONE - These are the areas where we locate the camps that are gifting music of the amplified variety.


Bass bins must be raised off the ground (on a platform such as a pallet), and all speakers must be aimed away from camping areas and the Quiet Zones. This is for stationary sound systems. If you use an amplified sound system at your Theme Camp or on a Mutant Vehicle, keep the volume at a reasonable level. Crazy sound levels that continue after requests and warnings will be disabled. Some artworks are intended to be quiet and reflective spaces – respect this and cut your sound when approaching art installations and performances, or entering the city.


You should really rather be using solar. If you must use a generator, it must be insulated to keep noise down.

2022 AfrikaBurn Sound map


Peeps invariably get over exited and often don't stick to quiet times. If you see a camp blasting away with no peeps on the dance-floor, try chatting to them first, or head over to Off-Centre Camp to find some Sound Rangers stationed there - - ask the Volunteer crew to call them in via radio.


You've joined a theme camp and you're placed on or near the binnekring, and have pooled resources in order to have a nice communal Bedouin tent, communal kitchen/chill area, and everything is going swell until you realise you're getting zero sleep because the boogy camp next to you has the kind of bass that goes through industrial grade-earplugs? Bring a second small tent and bedding with you to pitch in the quiet zone as a backup, for those times when you really just need to sleep. Sleep depravation impairs thinking, can lead to irrational and risky behaviour and erodes empathy, never-mind general grumpiness and resentment towards your fellow humans.


How to curate your sound experience for first time Burners

Generator Policy

Sound Policy