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Rangers are a group of burners (just like you) who make their commitment to the principles of AfrikaBurn a little more formal. As non-confrontational community mediators, their role at the event is to support our community by providing participants with reliable information, supporting the 11 principles, facilitating public safety, and helping participants resolve disputes.

Rangers work in shifts and can be found, day and night, in pairs walking and cycling the streets of Tankwa Town, engaging with the community, and enjoying art. They can be identified when on duty by their highly visible orange attire. Rangers are the easiest way to access help and info in Tankwa Town. Beyond this, Rangers have taken the time to attend training, most of it centred around mediation to help smooth any disagreements that may arise.

Rangers also maintain specialised teams with additional training.

Green Dots help support participants undergoing challenging emotional experiences.

SOOP Rangers work to resolve issues of Sound Out Of Place.

Burning art perimeters are led by Fire Art Safety Team (FAST) Rangers who work with artists to promote burn safety.

To find out more, chat to any Ranger, come to Ranger HQ at Off-Centre Camp, or go to the Ranger page on our website.