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Poeslekker Meow Meow
Poeslekker Meow Meow

Jade Adami
[https://soundcloud.com/radiofreetankwa/dirtylicious-cleans-up-in-the-rft-caravan Dirtylicious]

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The most branded radio station in an unbranded space

Radio Free Tankwa is AfrikaBurn's community radio station and broadcasts daily during the event. It's the best place to find out the latest burn schedule, which theme camp is hosting a drinks party and what the Tankwa Town rush hour traffic is like. Don't forget to bring an old radio to AfrikaBurn so you can tune in

Anyone can host a show or help out. Pop into the radio caravan and find out how to sign up and be a DJ on the coolest radio station in the Karoo.

During the year, Radio Free Tankwa hosts daily live shows from our burner community that are often rebroadcast on Shouting Fire, the global burner radio network. Otherwise we play old interviews, a wide range of eclectic, esoteric and downright weird content - basically, a reflection of the content you'd expect your ears to hear at AfrikaBurn itself.

You can listen to Radio Free Tankwa by clicking here.

The RFT daily schedule

One of the first radio stations in Tankwa Town was Radio ARR, which began as a theme camp created by the Camp Chaos crew. This led to multiple formal and informal complaints about the quality of music and content on the binnekring airwaves. Soon after, Radio ARR working together with the AfrikaBurn communications team evolved into Radio Free Tankwa, ultimately becoming an important information and safety resource for AfrikaBurn participants on site in Tankwa Town.

Chief Engineer Scott manning the RFT radio tower

As with everything else AfrikaBurn, Radio Free Tankwa is run entirely by a fantastic team of volunteers:

Notable DJ's and shows through the years include:

DJ Hedmekanik

The Sheriff

Princess and the Big Blue

Billy Bueno & Dank Hank

Maurice and his sad songs

Sheik Money


Red Al

Jade Adami

Che Cherry

The Dungeon Master

The Cult of the Golden Calf

Jews for Techno

Loic 2D

Poeslekker Meow Meow


The current RFT crew

The Brain

Shower Q guy

General Feelgood

Corporal Blitz

Patrick Scott


The Sheriff

Founding Radio Free Tankwa members

Travis Lyle (DJ Hedmekanik)

Mark Mostert


Bishop Loon

Patrick Scott

Thomas Birch

Brian Palmer

International Radio Free Tankwa DJ's

Ciaran Norris (Mix Life Crisis)

Robot Bennett