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Feeling overwhelmed? Not able to get a handle on your situation? Having

a rough time of it mentally? Head to Sanctuary at Off-Centre Camp for

a quiet, calm space where you can speak to someone or simply take

a breather. Please be aware that Sanctuary is not a place for drunk folk to sleep it off.


If you or your loved ones think you may have an alcohol or substance use problem there are a range of supports and solutions available. If you’ve had a difficult experience in the past, please pop by to chat to us at Sanctuary - we can help you make sense of it, and can help prevent it in the future.

Sober burning

If you are a sober burner, we have sober support networks that are amazing and are just waiting to meet you! If you’d like to join the Sober Living camp,


Health alerts

When in doubt you can ask advice directly from Sanctuary or Rangers

- we keep our ears very low to the ground, so that any important health issues can be identified early. We also help people identify personal potential risks and how to avoid them.