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Volunteering at AfrikaBurn is superb fun! It engages you on levels that you would never have thought possible - and it helps the event tremendously.

To volunteer at the event, head over to the Participation Station volunteer booth at Off-Centre Camp and sign up.

We always need help, and you’ll be warmly welcomed.

You can sign up online for shifts at the 2022 event here.

Participate Now!

Here’s a list of the many ways you can volunteer:

Arteria Artworks - Want to be a gallery curator, a construction manager, a forklift driver, an artist's rendering, or a straight line? Click here to help in the ARTeria Booth.

Chillaz - Our Off Centre Camp stage is looking for 'Stage Hands' during event week, to help keep the space shipshape and MOOP free, to field queries from and book slots for those who wish to grace the stage and helping hand to the star performers. No technical knowledge required. Please sign up and join the Fun.

Die Hek (our Gate) - Want to be a border patrol agent, a clipboard carrier, a warden of Ja But No But, or even a Knight of shining prawns? Help run the gate over here

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)

DPW (Department of Public Works)

Greeters - Want to be a professional waver or pointer, help people understand their virginity, become one with the bell, or help people arrive home? The Greeters are utterly amazing and you can sign up right here.

Ice Palace - Yskas - Want to be really, really cool, work as a snowman or ice queen, help people get their hands on the hottest commodity in Tankwa Town, or even wake up in a bathtub missing a kidney? Then the Cult of the Yskas is for you. Sign up for Die Yskas here.

Lost & Found - Want to search for buried treasure, be a personal saviour, become a massive hoarder, and learn far more about people’s personal lives than you ever wanted? Join the Just In (e) team over here.

Image: Jonx Pillemer

Rangers - Dust Rangers, Green Dot, Fire Perimeter

Recycling - Want to be an eco-warrior, a recycling king, a dustbin Beiber or even a trash panda? Click here to help out at Recycle Camp.

Thrown Crew - Is it your dream to provide the perfect poo, a truly satisfying pee, the ultimate in fine bathrooming, a perfectly clean seat, or even to accept tequilas of thanks? Then the Throne Crew are for you. Sign up here!


Volunteer Booth - Are you a volunteer volunteer, a first-timer, a great cat herder or a budding charismatic leader? The Volunteer Booth (where most of us once started) is the place to start. Sign up here to volunteer.