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Volunteering at AfrikaBurn is superb fun. It engages you on levels that you would never have thought possible -and it helps the event tremendously.

Image: Jonx Pillemer

To volunteer at the event, head over to the Participation Station volunteer booth at Off-Centre Camp and sign up.

We always need help, and you’ll be warmly welcomed.

You can also sign up online for shifts at the 2022 event here.

Here’s a list of the many ways you can volunteer:


Want to be an air-traffic controller, a stewardess, a flying circus, or a soft landing? Join our Airspace team by mailing: [for Volunteers|]

Arteria Artworks

Want to be a gallery curator, a construction manager, a forklift driver, an artist's rendering, or a straight line? Click here to help in the ARTeria Booth:


Want to be an artist, an artist’s assistant, an artist’s muse, or even be art yourself? Click here to help build artworks:


Want to be an eco-warrior, a recycling king, a dustbin Beiber or even a trash panda? Click here to help out at Recycle Camp:

Participate Now!

Die Hek (our Gate)

Want to be a border patrol agent, a clipboard carrier, a warden of Ja But No But, or even a Knight of shining prawns? Help run the gate over here:

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)

DPW (Department of Public Works)


Want to be a professional waver or pointer, help people understand their virginity, become one with the bell, or help people arrive home? The Greeters are utterly amazing and are found over here:

Ice Palace - Yskas

Want to be really, really cool, work as a snowman or ice queen, help people get their hands on the hottest commodity in Tankwa Town, or even wake up in a bathtub missing a kidney? Then the Cult of the Yskas is for you:

Lost & Found

Want to search for buried treasure, be a personal saviour, become a massive hoarder, and learn far more about people’s personal lives than you ever wanted? Join the Just In (e) team over here:

Rangers - Dust Rangers, Green Dot, Fire Perimeter

Thrown Crew

Is it your dream to provide the perfect pooh, a truly satisfying pee, the ultimate in fine bathrooming, a perfectly clean seat, or even to accept tequilas of thanks? Then the Throne Crew are for you:


Volunteer Booth

Are you a volunteer volunteer, a first-timer, a great cat herder or a budding charismatic leader? The Volunteer Booth (where most of us once started) is the place to start: