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Volunteering at AfrikaBurn is superb fun. It engages you on levels that you would never have thought possible -and it helps the event tremendously. To volunteer at the event, head over to the Participation Station volunteer booth at Off-Centre Camp and sign up. We always need help, and you’ll be warmly welcomed.

Here’s a list of the many ways you can volunteer:


Arteria Artworks

Box Office

Burn Inspectors

Clan & Temple LNT Crew


Die Hek (our Gate)

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)

DPW (Department of Public Works)


Greeters Where the Virgin Bell is

Ice - Yskas

Info Booth

Kid’s Registration

Lost & Found

Media Centre

Mutant Patrol

Rangers - Dust Rangers, Green Dot, Fire Perimeter


Supplier Gate