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Your car will be checked at the gate for stowaways. If you arrive with someone in your car who doesn’t have a ticket, it will be your responsibility to transport that person back home, so make sure everyone in your vehicle has a ticket. This includes anyone you pick up along the way, and offer to transport into the event.


Tankwa Town’s laid out in a horseshoe shape, with two projecting ‘horns’ at the top, and a long tail that stretches down 10-ish. The centre of this horseshoe is the Binnekring, and it’s where a lot of the art is placed.

The road that fronts this space is called Binnekring Road, and the streets that radiate off the Binnekring are numbered like the hours on a clock, from 2-ish through to 10-ish. This way, once you’ve found your camping spot for the event, you’ll have an address. For example, you could be living at ‘Buitekring and 3:30-ish’. We have signs and street lamps to help you figure out where the hell you are.

The roads are named in alphabetical order radiating outwards from Binnekring. These names change every year according to the theme of that year (except for Binnekring Rd, Buitekring Rd, Lady Davina Boulevard, Stofadil Rd, Nansen Street and the radials.)


This Tankwa is the habitat of the endangered Riverine Rabbit, the poisonous Thick-tailed Scorpion and lethal Puffadder… and Cape Cobra. Those signs that state ‘NO CAMPING BEYOND THIS POINT’? They’re there to protect the Tankwa, and to protect you.


Days can hit the high 40s, nights can be freezing, there are spectacular storms and gale-force winds can cause whiteouts.

Be prepared for extremes: weather is unpredictable,

and rain far away can cause instant flash floods. In 2012, rapid flooding saw many tents and vehicles damaged. Avoid natural selection - camp in the designated area, or stand the risk of your camp being washed away. Not so lekker.