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Everything is going to be different in 2022.

After cancelling AfrikaBurn in both 2020 and 2021, it's assumed that the event will continue to be impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic. Because of this (and South African government coronavirus legislation), the 2022 event is going to be much smaller than usual with a planned 5000 participants.

AfrikaBurn 2022 will also be the first time we have the event on Quaggafontein. This will likely make some things at the event easier and some things much harder. It's pretty much a reset for everything we knew about the event when it was at Stonehenge. The terrain on Quaggafontein is the same but different, there may be sections of deep sand (It's a desert!), hard rock and goodness knows what else.

An ongoing work in progress ... AfrikaBurn.

It's important that you come to AfrikaBurn 2022 with an open mind and an open heart.

2022 is the blank canvas that we've always dreamed of, and we think the changes in 2022 may actually be harder to deal with if you're an experienced participant of AfrikaBurn. You may have had a favourite spot where you usually camp, the route you like to take exploring etc. Remember that AfrikaBurn was always better last year and it's our collective responsibility to make sure that continues in 2022. With a whole new Tankwa town in 2022 it's going to be equal amounts of exciting and challenging for old and new burners alike.

Tickets for 2022

Covid Update and Refund Policy

Old 2019 event information (that may still be relevant):


True story: an invasive and highly destructive species of wood borer beetle – the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer – is infesting trees in KZN, Gauteng, Free State and North West, and has also now been found in the George and Knysna areas. Our tips:

- If you’re planning to use a braai or fireplace in your camp use charcoal - or else BUY WOOD AT YOUR LAST STOP before you hit the R355. This way, you can be sure your load of wood doesn’t become a new way for this destructive beetle to spread. Please:

- If you’re bringing logs or cut wood for an artwork, please inspect the entire load for any signs of PSHB infestation, which appear as small tip-of-ballpoint- pen sized holes, from which sap or ‘sawdust’ is produced. See the photos here for borer holes, and an example of the BORER BEETLE ITSELF.

Our Clan effigy and Temple burns are moving back to their old Saturday (Clan) and Sunday (Temple) schedule!

Why? Because having our Clan burn on Saturday, and Temple on Sunday means that the climax of having two of the most significant structures burnt on Saturday & Sunday is in synch with the last two days of our event schedule.

(*as always, our team will be watching the weather forecast very closely, and if there’s a chance that high wind or rain looks set to mess with the schedule, then timing may change. All things in Tankwa Town – including large burns – are subject to Mother Nature’s calls).