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Snail Mutant Vehicle 2016
Image by Dirk du Plessis.

Unless your mutant is registered before you arrive, your mutant won’t be permitted to ride. Please make sure you’ve pre-registered it with DMV (and they’ve given you your licence to arrive). 

No quads and no motorbikes are permitted at all – unless they’ve been licensed by DMV (and the only way they can be licensed is if they’ve been completely mutated so they no longer look like a normal vehicle and registered ahead of time).

Any and all vehicles seeking DMV licensing must have all driver(s) reviewed and signed off on an on- site safety and indemnity form. Every driver of the Mutant Vehicle needs to sign indemnity and must accompany the vehicle for final registration and licensing.

Image by Dirk du Plessis.
Mutant Vehicle. Image by Dirk du Plessis.

The indemnity form must be completed and signed, and on your person from the minute you step through the gate.

If you don’t adhere to the rules, you understand and accept that the vehicle may be immediately immobilised, that the vehicle’s DMV licence (and/or the driver’s right to drive the vehicle on site) may be revoked for a period of between 48 hours and/or the duration of the event (the duration of which is to be determined by DMV leadership, on behalf of AfrikaBurn), and that the driver may be ejected from the event.

Skollie Patrolie are our traffic officials on site, so please heed their advice.

Provincial Traffic officials will be on site too.

Normal traffic rules apply. You may be arrested for driving under the influence.

Rhino on the Playa. Image by Dirk du Plessis.


Mutant Vehicles carrying flame effects or any other lethal weapons must contact DMV before the event and have a live test on site.


Email [dmvreg (at) for more info. Registration and other information.

The DMV Commandments ...

Can be found here - DMV COMMANDMENTS