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Image: Jonx Pillemer

Just In(e), is our Lost & Found hut that can be found at OCC during the event.

Anything not claimed by the end of the event will be brought back to our Cape Town HQ and we will begin sorting and categorising when we've recovered from the event itself.

All this information and all the photographs will then be posted on our Lost & Found Group on Facebook.

This is not an easy process, so be patient.

For more direct communication with our Lost & Found Team, you can send an email to lostandfound@afrikaburn.com with a clear description of the item, as well as any further information (photos, sketches, serial number, etc.) and they will communicate with you via email.

All items not positively identified will be donated to charities through our outreach programme, and all bicycles not collected will be donated to the communities surrounding Tankwa Town and previously disadvantaged communities in Cape Town.


Set your phone lock screen text or background image to a picture of your camp, location, and your name. Name is critical. If your phone is turned into Lost and Found, they will not be able to deliver the phone to your camp.

Fill out your Medical ID, Emergency contacts, and medical information on your phone before the burn. First responders can find your info on your phone even if the screen is locked. In settings on your Android phone, search for 'emergency' and on iPhones look for Medical ID.

If the AfrikaBurn lost and found volunteers are able to locate a name on your phone's emergency screen, they will type that name into the ticketing database to find your details.

Item cannot be found (Pic via Tayana Bisséssour)