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With over half of our ticket holders coming from overseas, there are a few extra challenges that come with participating in AfrikaBurn namely … How the flip do you get from Timbuktu to Tankwa Town and how can you make sure you have enough ‘stuff’ to survive in the harsh desert.

You can read advice from our international AfrikaBurn community below:

Renting an RV:

A good 'all in one' option, but often very expensive and highly limited - booked out well in advance of the event itself. A few companies offer this service in South Africa, but be careful that many rental companies do not allow their vehicles to go to AfrikaBurn.

Bus flyer
Not an official AfrikaBurn bus, but still brilliant.

Getting the Burner Bus

It seems a bit excessive to rent a car just to transport you and your survival kit to AfrikaBurn, but you can take a bus if you want to save money and fuel. The 'Bus to AfrikaBurn' crew is NOT an official AfrikaBurn service, it is participant created. You can find out more about getting a bus to AfrikaBurn here:

Bare minimum camping

You can hopefully figure out your own food and water ... but what do you really need to take part in AfrikaBurn, and what is 'nice to have'?

You will definitely need:

  • A waterproof tent
  • A mattress
  • A sleeping bag & pillow (it can get very cold at night)
  • Something to heat water or cook on - a gas burner or similar
  • A pot/kettle (or whatever you call it)
  • Basic cutlery, cups and plates etc.
  • Chairs and table
  • A bowl to wash up in
  • A head torch

Nice to have:

  • A gazebo or shade awning
  • A BBQ or Braai to cook on
  • A cooler box to keep stuff cold in

If you are planning on buying your equipment in South Africa, please do so responsibly and support local businesses instead of buying disposable and creating waste. There are a number of good local camping shops that can help you out before you get to AfrikaBurn. Please consider donating good-quality camping equipment after the event to a suitable charity.

Click to check if the camp you want to join is Plug & Play

A note about Plug & Play

We understand it can be super tempting to join an existing theme camp and contribute towards it financially in exchange for a more comfortable experience in the dust. BUT! Please don't be a part of a Plug & Play camp - these water down the whole AfrikaBurn experience. Countless individuals have paid money expecting showers, beautifully cooked meals etc. to discover that all they have been given is a tent with no shade and then watched as the theme camp lead leaves Tankwa Town in a air conditioned limousine.

Click on the image, or visit this page to find out more:

Other international social media resources and groups

Non-South African Burners going to Afrikaburn, 2023: