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Image: Chris Leggatt

Tankwa Town is a decommodified zone. Branding? Brands? Influencers? Advertising? No thank-you ... the name on your underwear does not make you better than anyone else in Tankwa Town. Corporate branding, logos and product placement doesn't belong in Tankwa Town, which is in no way (or will ever be) a place to sell you anything you don't need, launch your startup business, website or product.

Also, touting for business before, during or as a result of, or after, the event is a big no no.

Got a van from work with logos? Please cover it up. Got a rental truck or RV? Cover or alter the logos.

Promotional samples? Free giveaways? Marketing activations? Nope: those things happen outside the limits of our city, back there in the default world.

It's all about the intent of the engagement with you (our participants) ... Branding as an extension of corporations and capitalism has an agenda, it wants you to buy something, it wants you to make decisions that they gain from, to buy that drink or mobile phone contract. Our only agenda at AfrikaBurn is for you to make art, explore, play and have fun.

Why not decommodify your digital life too?

With the rise of social media, we’ve seen influencers coming to our event and using their time to take great shots of themselves, and their friends, wearing branded accessories and products – and then promoting these, using the shots taken in Tankwa Town. This is not OK – because Tankwa Town is not the place for brands of any kind - even if your own personal one. If you shoot still or film on site, and promo a brand (or leverage our event as an influencer), you’re breaching the rules of play as far as our community’s right to privacy – and our creatives’ rights to their intellectual property.