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With the announcement that venues in South Africa can host up to 50% of their capacity with no upper limit, provided proof of vaccinations or negative COVID tests are checked on arrival, AfrikaBurn is now planning to follow this protocol. We have always said that we will be guided by the regulations. Now that Cyril has come to the party (but will he really?), with workable regulations, we will play by these rules. It is our Civic Responsibility to acknowledge that the pandemic hasn't yet disappeared.


Vaccine Certificate: A valid vaccine certificate showing you are fully vaccinated either in electronic form or your paper certificate received when you were vaccinated.


A Negative COVID-19 test: A valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test, recognised by the World Health Organisation, which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of arrival at the AfrikaBurn gate. Please note all negative COVID-19 tests require a valid certificate. Home tests purchased from a pharmacy (usually lateral flow tests) will not be accepted at the gate because they do not come with a certificate.

You have to please cover the cost of the test if you need one.

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Kids: Unvaccinated kids older than 5 years old will also need to present either a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination certificate as above. Again, this is as per current South African government regulations.

Most importantly, if you are feeling sick in the lead up to your departure to AfrikaBurn please stay at home until you are better and can produce a negative COVID test.


We recommend having enough lateral flow COVID-19 test kits in your camp medical kit to effectively diagnose and manage any transmission of the virus at the event. Being aware of the COVID-19 symptoms and being proactive in this regard is the right thing to do ... for you and your campmates.

If you test positive for COVID-19 at AfrikaBurn, you and anyone you are sharing a tent with (not your full communal tent, just your sleeping quarters) will need to immediately quarantine (Consider having a separate tent available in your camp for quarantining individuals) and arrange to leave the event site. AfrikaBurn is unable to provide transport for this.

Gastro has also been doing the rounds in Cape Town recently. Please practice the same caution when departing for the AfrikaBurn event site. If you have any of the gastro symptoms (upset stomach and vomiting and/or nausea) please stay at home. Gastro is more destructive onsite at AfrikaBurn than COVID is. Please be cautious.


At least 5 days before departing for AfrikaBurn, focus on packing your fancy dress and cut back on socialising and contact with others. COVID-19 transmission is well documented and any risky behaviour in the days before AfrikaBurn can affect your whole experience and the experience of others. That massive party the day before you leave for AfrikaBurn could be the reason that you have to leave the event early not feeling so great, not to mention how your getting sick could affect the entire event.

Try to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders when you’re in Tankwa Town, AfrikaBurn is a marathon, not a sprint. If you look after yourself properly then you’re going to be much more likely to see the Temple burn on Sunday. Take vitamins, eat healthy, focus on what your body is telling you instead of doing your best to break it the moment you hit the dust road.

There is so much space in Tankwa Town, it’s going to be easy to maintain social distance without feeling like a party pooper. Keep some hand sanitiser in your fanny pack, wash your hands frequently throughout the day, and what ever you do, don’t share drinks from the same vessel. It’ll go a long way to minimising your exposure to COVID-19. Your efforts and support in minimising transmission make all the difference and help keep the Burn community as safe as possible.

CAMP HYGIENE - never has it been more important:

If you are a theme camp, keep the private and public sections of your camp separate. Make sure you have hand sanitizer dotted around your camp for frequent and easy use, especially in your communal kitchen. Encourage people preparing food to wash their hands frequently and to wear a face mask. Sterilize countertops before food prep commences.

Your washing up facility should be made up of 4 stations.

  • One: Bin with lid - to get rid of excess food on your plate.
  • Two: Pre wash rinsing station.
  • Three: Wash
  • Four: Post wash rinsing station.

If possible it’s encouraged to fill each station with boiling water before washing the dishes and to replace it with fresh water if the water gets too dirty (black water). Always replace the water before each clean. Don’t let dirty water sit and discard of your grey/black water appropriately. Always make sure your utensils are cleaned properly before use. Don’t share utensils. Don’t share anything, unless it’s a good story.