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With the announcement that venues in South Africa can host up to 50% of their capacity with no upper limit, provided proof of vaccinations or negative COVID tests are checked on arrival, AfrikaBurn is now planning to follow this protocol. We have always said that we will be guided by the regulations. Now that Cyril has come to the party (but will he really?), with workable regulations, we will play by these rules. It is our Civic Responsibility to acknowledge that the pandemic hasn't yet disappeared.

To enter AfrikaBurn 2022, you will need the following:

A valid vaccine certificate showing you are fully vaccinated (electronic certificates accepted)


A valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test, recognised by the World Health Organisation, which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of the gathering. Please note all negative COVID tests require a valid certificate, AfrikaBurn’s interpretation of the regulations is that home tests (usually lateral flow) are not valid and they will not be accepted at the gate. You have to please cover the cost of the test if you need one.

Event rules as per the latest SA government gazette

By ensuring we are checking for proof vaccination or negative COVID test (within 72 hours) at the gate, it helps us all reduce risk and keep our community safe.

At the moment, and while it remains an emerging situation, it is important to note that the legislation does not preclude children under 12 years old from requiring proof of a negative COVID test. Children under 5 will not need to present a vaccination certificate or negative test

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We will be monitoring developments and if you are not vaccinated, it’s important that you also follow the fluid government guidelines. The onus is on you to make sure you are good to get through the gate, cos it’s a helluva long way back, and there are options.

On site and during the event, everyone being vigilant remains important as we are not quite out of the woods yet. Some simple and good habits towards the Communal Effort required for keeping us all safe at the event are really just common sense:

  • washing your hands regularly
  • not sharing your sippy cup and cutlery with your buddies between washes
  • keeping the private areas of your body theme camp just that
  • and keeping the pubic public areas of your body theme camp regularly cleaned