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This aint no disco...


Camping in Open Camping zones happens on a first-come, first-settled basis. Please don’t settle in a reserved spot – reserved camping areas are for registered Theme Camps and project crews, and are clearly marked out. If you camp on these locations and have occupied someone else’s site, you will be moved, even if you’ve already set up your camp.

If you arrive at night, wait until morning to find your friends or get your bearings. If you’re part of a larger group and your camp mates have arrived earlier, get them to leave a message on the notice boards at Off-Centre Camp with their location, or at our event gate.

Remember that the term “Quiet” at AfrikaBurn is a relative term. So, when we give advice about this, we invoke our favourite suffix at AfrikaBurn: “ish”.

If you are keen on a good night’s sleep while in Tankwa Town, don’t settle in the loud area (which is clearly shown on the event map in the WTF Guide, which is our event guide).

Once you’ve found your spot, put your keys away in a safe place – you’re now a pedestrian or cyclist!


You’re welcome to bring a recreational vehicle or caravan - but be aware that there’s no dumping station on site and you’re not allowed to dump grey water or trash anywhere in Tankwa Town. There’s also no potable water sold, so plan accordingly.

Got a campervan or RV with a toilet that you intend using for the event? Please take note of this very important info:

Tankwa Town’s toilets are completely organic and use a very specific treatment to enable composting post event. Any dumping of any chemicals other than those used on site will destroy the organic processes that happen in order to create humanure. Please ensure that you have the correct chemical (evergreen elite) in your tank before you get to site. If not, a dump tank will be provided at the entrance to our event for your convenience, into which you can dump your (empty) toilet tank fluid, if you have the incorrect chemicals on arrival.

PLEASE: do NOT dump your motorhome or RV chemical effluent into our toilets!


If you’re camping in a large group, it’s a good idea to have a meeting before the event and delegate tasks. For example, nominate a Safety Officer to explain where camp fire extinguishers are and inform all camp members of where the Medics, Security and Sanctuary are and how to orientate yourself. Elect a Trash Officer to take care of separating waste and compacting cans. Choose someone who’s the Costume & Make-up Department. Think about who has the skills you’re after - it’ll lighten the load and make for a better, more enjoyable camp.


They’re famous, our toilets – and they’ve been upgraded!

Our much-loved Loos With A View were redesigned, and are now built from 98% recycled materials, whilst enabling us to leave even less of a trace on the landscape. But the same rules apply:


Toilets are placed along the outskirts of the town, and have lights and flags so you can find them by day or night. They’re mostly within 100m of anywhere on the Binnekring, including our new urinals.

Disabled toilets are also provided, and info on these can be found at Off-Centre Camp, or by mailing our team before our event starts.


• Don’t wait till you are desperate to find a loo. Don’t use artworks or the dark patch behind someone’s tent as private places to ablute. Free-range toileting? Not OK.

• TAMPONS: look for the red triangle flags, which have tampon bins. Otherwise, please dispose safely at your own camp.

• ALWAYS close the lid when you’re done – this prevents flies from entering the toilet tank and also keeps odours down.

• Here it is again: NO TAMPONS, RUBBISH OR WET-WIPES in the toilets. Putting anything but human waste and one-ply toilet paper into our Throne toilets jeopardises the process used to convert bodily waste into manure.


Come on, people, we’re in the desert here –use the available power resources: go solar! Or get a wind turbine!

Whatever you do, go green and get a 12V deep cycle battery for lighting in your camp – if you’re smart, you’ll get an inverter too.

LED’s are getting cheaper by the day & use very little power - use them instead of incandescent bulbs, even if you have a party space.

And for fairy lights etc, choose solar: they last longer, and you’ll have no dead batteries to get rid of.


Around 12-ish on high ground you can sometimes get a signal with an MTN phone. This works best for SMS. Beyond this, we don’t offer a phone service unless for serious medical emergencies.


Rebar. It’s the name given to the round, grooved, steel bar used to reinforce concrete. Get some and have it cut to size – but don’t use anything less than 15mm width. Rebar is an excellent way to anchor your tents, especially Bedouin / freeform tents. When you’re whacking it in, and once it’s in the ground, it’s dangerous, so cap all exposed ends with empty tins, plastic bottles, tennis balls or old dolls heads – anything that prevents foot / leg injuries.

Try to position your tent and any shade structures to present the smallest profile to the wind. The wind at Tankwa goes all over the place - keep an eye on the wind direction, but if forced to identify a prevailing wind, we would say that it is NW- SE. For smaller tents, weight the interior corners of your tent or attach them to your vehicle. For stretch tents bigger than 10m x 10m (i.e: 100sqm), lash down with ratchet straps crossed in an X.


But what are Plug & Play camps? They’re a camp where ‘staff’ are paid to set the camp up, take it down and do the cleaning, cooking, etc. This kind of paid experience may be available at other events, but AfrikaBurn isn’t other events. So, if anyone offers you a luxury package, explain to them that’s not how it works.

And camps that take a fee for basic infrastructure costs? Those are fine, as long as they’re prepared to show open books that indicate no profit is being made.

Read these blog posts with more guidance:

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