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Image by Jonx Pillemer

As you prepare for the desert, remember that you're responsible for YOURSELF at all times. Radical Self-Reliance!

Use lots of common sense: you need to bring everything you need to the desert, including all food, water, shelter, fuel, and basic first aid. And then you need to take it all back – because this is a Leave No Trace event.

Before you arrive, make sure you have your TICKET - printed or on a phone / device (with battery). Make 100% sure that your name is on your ticket and that you bring photo ID to the gate with you. Our gate crew will need this to verify your ticket and can’t let you in if the details on your ID and ticket don’t match.



- Your ticket & photo ID for entry (SA ID, driver’s licence or passport) – ensure the name on your ticket is the same name on your ID/Passport.

- E-Toll per vehicle (Previously called Vehicle Pass). Caravans and trailers don’t need one but motorcycles do.

- 5 litres of water per person per day - carry a bottle of water with you and rehydrate regularly. Remember that water doesn't only come in 5 litre plastic bottles - help yourself to leave less trace by filling up a 25 litre container (with a tap) for your water needs.

- Enough food and beverages for the duration of your entire stay.

- Shelter, bedding, and preferably an open shade structure too. If it’s not windproof, kiss it goodbye.

- Protective clothing (including warm clothes and waterproof gear). It might be the desert and it is very warm in the day, but nights can be freezing and if and when it rains, it pours.

- Trash bags – because you’re going to be taking it all back with you.

- Fire extinguisher.

- Comprehensive medical aid kit. Any required prescriptions (please note: our medics don’t dispense painkillers, headache tabs or antibiotics)

- Lighting: a headlamp, torch, bike light, fairy lights, EL wire (and spare batteries). Solar lights rock – find ‘em & use ‘em.

- Duct tape & cable ties – because they hold the universe together!

- Bringing wood? Bring a brazier or braai - campfires on the ground are NOT permitted.

- Recycling bins: you’ll need one for wet waste (a 25 litre bucket with a lid works well for this!), and others for paper, plastic and metal / glass - remember that the wind blows so make sure your bins are secured! Check out local area recycling depots, and use them on your way home – there’s nowhere for you to leave your trash on site.

- Please stay on your chronic medication and bring all of it with you, so that you have enough to cover your time in the dust. If you have any concerns, contact your doctor and speak to them, we are sure they will give you all the advice you need.

Do NOT bring

Sure, it’s a burn you’re going to, but there are some items that are seriously not wanted at the event, and all for the same reason: they’re dangerous, either as mobile arson, or to critters. Not lekker.

- Feathers of any kind, such as boas, which shed and get blown in the wind.

- Glitter (even bio-degradeable, because others can’t tell whether it’s degradeable, and will assume all glitter’s ok, which results in horrifically difficult clean-ups for Leave No Trace Volunteers)

- Flares, Fireworks, Fire lanterns, explosives or firearms of any kind, including BB guns or pellet guns.

- Excess packaging. Lighten your load – just bring the contents.

- Plants and pets of any kind. If it doesn’t belong there, leave it where it does.

- Sparkle Ponies

Highly Recommended

- Umbrellas, parasols, hats, sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses.

- Bring a bicycle (mountain bikes are best) and decorate it, make it an installation, light it up for nighttime cruising. Bring a puncture kit.

- A portable shower.

- Smokers should bring a portable ashtray. No butts on the floor. At all. Not even one butt, boet. The Tankwa is pristine and we are all tasked with keeping it that way.

- Anything that can make sharp tent staves safer (tennis balls: perfect).

- An extra set of car keys, just in case.

- Costumes, musical instruments, signs, body paint and anything else that might enrich and make your AfrikaBurn more fun for you and your neighbours.

The Three Things You Need